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I apologise if this is a very simple question.

This morning (v.v. cold) couldn't get my 1998 mondeo 1.8lx started. Took 20-30 mins and lots of random spraying of WD40 before she finally got going. Starter motor was turning fine engine just wouldn't start.

Question is, is this to be expected and thought of as "normal" in cold weather or can I do anything to prevent it happening in future. I'm no mechanic but recently have started doing my own services and just wonder whether there is anything simple I can do to increase my chances of getting to work on time. (p.s plugs, oil, all filters etc changed about 3000 miles ago)

Grateful for any replies,

Cold Starts - Cliff Pope
No, it is not normal. Something is not up to par, and the cold damp or freezing air is finding it out. It could be any one (or more) of the usual suspects (ignition, fuel, electronics, sensors) or simply condensation.
I'd look at the HT side first - when were the leads, distributor and rotor arm last replaced? Dirty Coil, or condensation dripping on it?
Cold Starts - DL
Spark Plugs and HT leads are known failings on the Zetec 16v engine - change these and I think you'll find you will have first-time starts during the cold winter.

The reason it becomes apparent now is that the engine requires more 'juice' to turn over in the very cold weather - meaning there is less juice for the HT side of things - hey presto! No go...

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