Scenis Reverse gear selector cable - owner
Local dealer wants to charge £150 plus for a complete lever assembly. £2.00 worth of cable surely there must be an alternative?
Scenis Reverse gear selector cable - Victorbox
I assume you mean the bowden cable that you pull up with the collar under the gear knob which allows reverse to be selected? I don't know the Scenic arrangement but I once helped a guy stranded on holiday with a Renault 21. The cable had snapped at the end where it is attached to the gear stick. After easing up the flexible gear stick gaitor we joined the broken cable ends together with one of those insulated electrical cable connectors that are brass with screws about 1cm wide that you buy in strips from DIY stores or Halford. Using one connector (two screws)stripped of all its plastic insulation we made such a good join by doing up the screws very tight that I suspect the cable lasted the rest of the life of the car.
Scenis Reverse gear selector cable - Aprilia
Previous neighbour had a Renault van where this failed. As you say, its not a cheap item to replace. It failed at only about 65k miles.
He also had a steering shaft UJ wear badly and had to buy the whole column which was some crazy price (about £400, IIRC!!).

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