DIY Bentley - Dynamic Dave
CAR nut Andy Saunders built a Bentley-based car using parts from 14 DIFFERENT motors.

The striking model includes bits from a Volvo, Suzuki, and even an old Austin Maestro & Montego.

The boot lid is from a Ford Focus, glass roof from a Merc, headlights from a Range Rover, Mazda MX5 petrol cap, leather seats from a Volvo S60, door mirrors from an Audi TT, spoilers from an MG Maestro. The paint was designed for Metros.

Andy, 40, bought the rusty shell of an 1983 Bentley Mulsanne for £3,000 and fitted it out with scrap parts worth £12,000.

And after 900 hours of work over seven months, he has dubbed his mad motor the Mentley Insanne!

His labour of love is now thought to be worth £50,000.

The garage owner, of Poole in Dorset, said: ?Every time I?m at a service station a businessman comes up and asks if it?s a new prototype.?

Andy is now exhibiting it at car shows in Europe.

A few pics found via Google.

DIY Bentley - Wales Forester
Saw this in the paper today, nice to see some better pics.

The Range Rover head and tail lights really suit it I think.

I wonder what Bentley themselves think of it?!

DIY Bentley - Dynamic Dave
Just found some pics of the car before the rebuild.
DIY Bentley - Hawesy1982
That is really, really impressive, wish i had the money time and talent to do that!
DIY Bentley - No Do$h
Andy's cars are a regular feature around Poole in the summer. This chap has a serious talent for metal bending.

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