Diesel oil 10w - 40w in petrol engine - Peter C
Decided to change the oil in wife\'s 1400cc Astra this evening. Found out I do not have enough oil to refill. Can I put 10w-40w diesel oil in to complete the change?


Diesel oil 10w - 40w in petrol engine - dave kenyon
Don\'t do it. In 13 years ownership my sierra XR4x4 hadn\'t
leaked a drop. After topping up with this oil (by mistake)
it was leaking all over. It was so bad it had to be steam cleaned. Had the rocker cover gaskets replaced but 2 years later it still leaks like a sieve.
Diesel oil 10w - 40w in petrol engine - Sooty Tailpipes
The API service ratings beginning with S are for gasoline eg SG, SH, SJ, SL.
Diesel ratings begin with C, eg CD, CF, CH 4

If it has the S ratings it\'s supposed to be OK.

Also the ACEA european ratings begin with A for gasoline and B for diesel, eg ACEA A3, B3, B4

But it is differently formulated to take soot, more acid and greater cleaning, so like the other person says, it may clean carbon away too effectively and cause a leak or something.

If the dipstick shows over minimum, you can always drive and get some to top up.
Diesel oil 10w - 40w in petrol engine - DavidHM
Oil changes are virtually never urgent. On the other hand, the whole point of having the right grade oil in there is to preserve the engine over time so there\'s no point in wasting some perfectly good diesel oil.

Just go out to a 24 hour Asda or something and get some if you can.
Diesel oil 10w - 40w in petrol engine - eMBe {P}
Peter C - relax, go ahead, don\'t worry. It is AOK. Do it.
Diesel oil 10w - 40w in petrol engine - madf
Running a mixture of car types, do it all the time. (small volumes) No apparent problems in 9 years...
Diesel oil 10w - 40w in petrol engine - BB
I was advised by my mechanic to put diesel oil in my car for a few weeks as the detergents would help clean the inside of my VR6.

I never had any problems.
Diesel oil 10w - 40w in petrol engine - MW
I did an oil change with some some French hypermarket (great value and quality) diesel synthetic 10-40w in my petrol 230E Mercedes by mistake. It said on the can can be used for either petrol or diesel. Ran it for 6000 miles before going back to the proper petrol oil. No problems whatsoever. Probably best not done, but not the end of the world. I agree, it will probably clean the inside of the engine out, and so long as the engine is not caked up with carbon and muck, it will do little harm.
Diesel oil 10w - 40w in petrol engine - No Do$h
One of the big names uses two containers, one for diesel branded oil and one for petrol branded..... It\'s the same stuff but many diesel drivers wouldn\'t accept the concept of a universal oil so two packages.

Mobil I think, but I stand to be corrected on that one.

Most modern oils are compatible to ACEA b3 for diesels and the appropriate A grading for multi-valve petrols. Certainly Mobil Super S and Mobil 1 are universal oils in this respect.
Diesel oil 10w - 40w in petrol engine - Civic8
I can`t actually say they are all right/all wrong.but bearing in mind diesel oil.is an active detergent as well as an oil it would also be obvious the oil even after an oil change.that the detergent is still in the engine may not be as rich but is still in the engine.As a detergent will compromise any oil put in afterwards.No matter what the oil.Correct me if wrong
Diesel oil 10w - 40w in petrol engine - No Do$h
Just checked the Mobil website. Mobil 1 meets or exceeds ACEA A3, B3 and B4 and is approved by some fairly weighty manufacturers on this basis.

B4 is the diesel specification for extended oil changes, the kind managed by in-car diagnostics (BMW, Merc) and has to be able to maintain lubricity and detergent values for upwards of 20,000 miles.

To also be rated as A3 indicates that this is perfectly acceptable for modern petrol engines also.

Kwikfit use Mobile Super S or Mobil 1 on their oil changes and they are both confirmed suitable for diesel and petrol cars. I would be reluctant to use a B4 spec oil in an older petrol engine, but then I wouldn\'t want to waste my money on fully synth in an older petrol engine, so not really an issue.

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