Nissan Primera clutch - Gary Blunt
Dear all, I am now the proud owner of a Nissan Primera hatch 91 on a J. The clutch is very heavy, is this common to this model or is there a cheap and easy solution? Thank you. Gary.
Nissan Primera Clutch - David Lacey

Nissan clutches are renowned for their light and progressive operation.
A heavy clutch is a sure sign of a worn out clutch.
It would also be wise to replace the cable at the same time (I'm sure they are cable-operated....!)

Clutch replaceemnt on these cars is a doddle and shouldn't cost any more than about £250ish maybe less.

Try the local Nissan Dealer - many have 3yr+ labour rates to cater for the 'older' cars. That way, you would get a decent job done.
Otherwise any reputable local garage should be capable.

I wouldn't go anywhere near any of the fast fit centres.



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