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Ladies and Gents,

A colleague is looking at changing his 2000(V) Astra 1.8 Sport with 30K for a 2001(52) 325Ci, with 24K, leather, heated seats, etc etc etc.

The Beemer is priced at £17,995 at an independent, and he is expecting to get around £4000 part ex for the Astra.

I think I know what the answer will be, but does anyone think that aiming for a cost to change of £12,995 is reasonable? I've had a gander at Parkers and the asking price of the Beemer does seem reasonable, so there may not be that much room for negotiation.

Cheers all.
BMW 325Ci - Rob the Bus {P}
Phew, that's a relief!

For a moment, I thought that you were thinking of yet another change of car.

Is the tax up on your Pug? ;-)


BMW 325Ci - Phoenicks
I would have thought £12995 to change might be pushing it. A dealer who has BMWs of that nature may not be able to retail the Astra therefore not making any money on it, and therefore reducing the amount you'll get for it part ex. It think £13,750 is a realistic figure to change.
BMW 325Ci - DieselBoy
Cheers. I'll pass that on.

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