Fully loaded Daewoo Nexia for £1200 - Hawesy1982
Ok imagine the scenario that you're a cash strapped student, who does a fair few motorway miles:

Would this car appeal to you?

'97 P reg
50,000 miles
Fairly reliable
1.5l 16v 90bhp Petrol engine
Aircon, ABS, PAS, full electrics
Group 5 insurance

All for £1200 - Sound good?

What is it?


For that spec and that money i'm fully prepared to swallow my pride, along with my backwards-facing baseball cap!

Any comments on this car?
Fully loaded Daewoo Nexia for £1200 - MB
If I would you I would avoid one of these and buy a M reg old shape Toyota Corolla. Find a good one with 100K on it, FSH that someone else has replaced the exhaust, tyres, belts etc and you shouldn't have to spend anything on it all aprt from servicing and fuel.
If the ABS goes on the Nexia it will be over for you...

good hunting
Fully loaded Daewoo Nexia for £1200 - Sooty Tailpipes
I know people who had them, they are horrendously unreliable, but thankfully had good warranties when newer, that will not be the case now. They are also horrible cars, so I think £1200 is way too much for a P-reg version of an old Astra.
Fully loaded Daewoo Nexia for £1200 - SjB {P}
<<< Fairly reliable >>>

Hmmm. To me this says that the car cannot be described as reliable, but the seller wants to describe it as something that won't preclude a sale without actually lying.
Fully loaded Daewoo Nexia for £1200 - M.M
Think long and hard about this car as you read the following (edited from previous posts on Daewoos, from actual experience)....

Had my first taste of a Daewoo the other day, a Nexia stranded at a guys house with coolant "pouring out of the bottom as fast as he put it in the top".

On checking the leak source I found the radiator drain plug was missing. Because of tight access in the area I removed the rad to find the plug had blown out. All the parts had fallen off on the road somewhere and the hole left had no signs of a thread or any other way the plug could fix in.

Anyway I checked with Daewoo and a large national radiator supplier, plug not available. Ordered the whole rad from a trade supplier, after six weeks of waiting they gave up...there have been none in stock over the whole of the UK during this period they told me.

The only answer was to go to Daewoo and order a new complete rad. They don't do trade or any other discount so the actual price was..........£216-20!

Then I wanted a timing belt and tensioner/pulley kit. No-one within 20 miles could get the tensioner/rollers. I even tried a well regarded national engine reconditioner who laughed as soon as I asked for Daewoo engine parts. The only option was Daewoo again, but despite me being near a major city they haven't any dealerships nearby. It would have meant an 80 mile round trip to collect the parts....and again at wicked prices.

I now refuse to look after any more Daewoos.

By the way the value of the car you are looking at is about £600.

Last weekend I serviced a black Nissan Primera with alloys, pas, abs, elec windows etc. Now that was nippy and well built with loads of life left.....cost guy £950 a few days earlier. Go for something like that and you'll be far better off.

Good luck,


Fully loaded Daewoo Nexia for £1200 - Burnout2
You should silently thank the seller for alerting you with a single word to the distinctly lemon-flavoured taste that ownership of his vehicle is likely to leave in your mouth.

Buying a car at this end of the market is all about utility - if it ain't reliable, it ain't a good car, no matter what other goodies might be thrown in.

There wasn't much (apart from the warranty) to recommend this pile of obsolete GM spare parts when it was new, it doesn't represent good value now.

Fully loaded Daewoo Nexia for £1200 - Altea Ego
If you want a dog buy a labrador, at least that will give you love affection and obedience.
Fully loaded Daewoo Nexia for £1200 - Altea Ego
and have better looks and more street cred.
Fully loaded Daewoo Nexia for £1200 - John Shelton
Well if you want a bargain, Ive got a 1993 1500 auto Proton mPi saloon which will shortly be for sale in good nick for the himble price of £350. 10 months mot and 10 months tax included, so your only paying £200 for the car.
Better options? - Hawesy1982
Ok ok i think i'll heed the advice and dump the Daewoo idea!

Thanks for the warnings everyone. So what WOULD you all recommend to me then?

It HAS to be sub-group7 insurance, and have decent enough power for the motorway. Is there no better option than a 1.6 Escort or my current Peugeot 306?

My budget will stretch to £2000 max
Better options? - Hawesy1982
Like for example a '95 M 1.6 Escort LX, 66000miles and new cambelt (presumably 6000 early for safety), fsh, full MOT, with PAS and e/windows (thats all im really bothered about) from a trader, £1300

Any better options than something like this?
Better options? - MB
someone here is selling a diesel Polo for that kind on money - see the ads section. That would make an ideal car for you by the sound of it...
Fully loaded Daewoo Nexia for £1200 - neil
That'll be the Daewoo! Personally, I'd be annoyed if I FOUND it!

Value my car