309 wheel bearing help - 20w50
Ive been quoted £90 to get a drivers side wheel bearing replaced, is this an acceptable price??
309 wheel bearing help - Civic8
Not a bad price.Although you don`t mention front or rear.The rover wheel bearing rear that is.Is around £60 to £70 each to buy yourself.I think that is not bad
309 wheel bearing help - 20w50
sorry, its front drivers side, seemed a bit steep to me but going on that info maybe not
309 wheel bearing help - Andrew-T
2000 Clio rear bearing done last month - £35 part + £35 labour.
309 wheel bearing help - Richteo
Front wheel bearing on J-reg escort cost me £55 (part £18) a month or two ago. I felt that was a bit expensive! I suppose it depends where abouts in the country you are and where you take it.

309 wheel bearing help - RichardW
Cost me £80 for one on a Xantia TD earlier this year. That was half the price the main dealer wanted. Given that you have to remove the hub, then press out and in the new bearing, you're looking at about 2 hours labour, plus the cost of the bearing (£25 seems about right). Unless you have the means to get the hub nut undone (they're very tight) split the bottom ball joint, and then press in and out the new bearing, this is a garage job.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....

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