Mondeo misfire - colin20
My Mondeo (MK1,2litre,75,000 miles) mis-fires occasionally on cold start-up. The plugs are OK and I suspect a sticking valve.
It self-cures after about 20 seconds. Is there an easy cure and will the cat. be harmed if the problem is allowed to continue?
Mondeo misfire - Richteo
Check the leads. As it self-cures it could well be a sticking valve. Zetec engines need 5w30 oil or sticking values becomes a problem. Ford delearships sell semi synthetic 5w30 for £3 a litre I think. Also use decent quality fuel from a well used outlet. Have a look at the threads about supermarket fuels. Many people think they skimp on the detergents to cut costs which does your fuel system no good.

Mondeo misfire - Adam Going (Tune-Up)

Providing oil change intervals have not been generally disregarded, I would suggest you add a flushing agent before changing the oil (I use Forté Motor Flush), use 5W/30 semi-synthetic as above, and I would also add a Forté Top End Treatment to the fresh oil to aleviate any problems with the hydraulic lifters.

If you need to find your nearest Forté stockist call Forté Lubricants on 02476 471213.

Regards, Adam
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