New Primera 2003 model - kal
Does anybody have any experience of what the 2003 model is like to drive, run and fix. What are cost of ownership like, mpg spares etc etc..

New Primera 2003 model - El Hacko
so you can live with that dreadful "pointed" design of the Primera's front and rear..? Almost as ugly (IMO) is the chunky looking, high cilled Avensis. I'm looking for a 5 dr door Japanese hatch that doesn't look "too Japanese", and there is only the smart (IMO) Mazda 6 - looks almost as good as the Accord. Oh why did the Honda drop the hatch?
New Primera 2003 model - Adam {P}
I can't help in terms of MPG and everything like that as I haven't actually owned one but I have driven one and to be honest, the drive isn't that bad. However, without offending anyone who owns one, the car looks pretty....awful really. If you can get over the exterior 'styling' then I'm afraid you are hit with even more bad design when you get in. The Sat Nav console is so pointed, it could take your eye out! Let's just say, I'm glad that I didn't buy one. (Which is partly because I wouldn't have the money anyway:-)
New Primera 2003 model - jlo
Hi All,

Well I have a Nissan Primera 2.2DCI SVE with leather for my company car. I used to have an Alfa 156 1.8 petrol Veloce before hand.

Yes I agree the styling is not to everyones taste but has grown on me. I always liked the inside of the car. Very spacious, I love the Sat Nav and rear camera for reversing. I love the leather heated seats and it comes with a very high level of equipment. Seems put together well to.

The DCI has loads of tourqe (138BHP) and six speed gear box to use it but at the moment am getting about 41 MPG over 900 miles but this should improve as the milage increases. It will be never as good as the VW PD engines is terms of MPG.

The drive is much more relaxing than the alfa but not as much fun on twisty roads. What is more fun is not having to visit the alfa dealer on numerous occasions getting the thing fixed!!!! That is why I would not touch another Alfa how ever good they look!!

So overall yes its not a sexy or prestige car but I like it a lot. Suits me as I have a family to fit in it as well. Would not have chosen it if I was young free and single. (May have looked at the 350Z though.

Just my 2 pence worth!

Kind Regards

New Primera 2003 model - Adam {P}
I completely agree - the car was spacious but I wasn't driving a high spec one so I couldn't comment on the heated seats! I'm sure the car is great once you get used to it and I'm sorry if I've offended you JLo....but I'm young free and single!....oh and skint as well:-)
New Primera 2003 model - jlo
Hi Adski,

No you have not affended me at all. In fact most of my work mates (I am a Medical Sales Rep) have opted out and gone for C class Mercs and 3 series BMW and paid extra. I would have done this a while a go but with kids, wife and morgage the nissan suits me down to the ground.

Obvously if a Merc or BMW of similar spec was on the company car list----- Well that would be a differnt matter.


New Primera 2003 model - Adam {P}
Of course....even better if the BMW's were 5 series' but that's a whole different thread :-)
New Primera 2003 model - Aprilia
I get to drive quite a variety of vehicles in connection with my work, although I haven't yet driven a Diesel Primera. I have however driven the 2 litre petrol model and find it a very nice car indeed. Styling is a personal issue, but I like it and I also like the innovative dash layout.

I must that the Mondeo takes a lot of beating and with the recent improvements I regard it as the best car in its class. TBH though, you are unlikely to be disappointed with a Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mazda etc. they are all pretty good. My experience is that the Nissan would have the cheaper parts.

BMW and Merc are nice, of course, but you do pay a lot for the badge and the Japanese cars (or the Ford Mondeo) will do 99.5% of what the BMW/MB do.
New Primera 2003 model - Robbie
I've spent ages looking at the various estates including the Primera before making up my mind. I was going to go for the new Vectra Estate, as the Omega has been discontinued, but have now ordered the new Accord Tourer iCTDi in Executive spec.

I know this is a tad expensive, but having read every report going, on diesel estates, I opted for the Honda. The BMW would have been nice but it is just too expensive for what you get. I think the Honda is as good and much better value.
New Primera 2003 model - runboy
Messing around on the car web sites, I was amazed at how cheap a nearly new Primera was, and the spec of the higher range models was amazing. A bit of a bargain in the VFM stakes I think.

New Primera 2003 model - Stuartli
I presume you mean the new 2004 model specification?

The Primera has always been a superbly built car and even the Japanese concede that the Sunderland factory is as good, if not better, than their own home produced versions.

Actually I like the new styling and something that may be of interest is that one of our local used car dealers sells them for well under £10k (windscreen price).

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