OK - it's time to ask the experts!!! - scruffythedog118
I own a VW Passat 1.9 TDI (2000 W) and use REDEX all the time, and my brother-in-law has a mondeo TD and he has just started using, with no ill-effects as yet a product from a company called GREASED LIGHTNING he has given me a leaflet showing the "Fuel system treatment" suitable for petrol and diesel cars??? - this worries me a little, wouldn't it be better if something was specially for a diesel engine? Also instant engine treatment which claims to quieten it down ??

I would appreciate some expert advise from others who may have used or consider using (like me) these products,

To assist the website is www.greasedlightning.co.uk

OK - it's time to ask the experts!!! - LongDriver {P}
"he has just started using, with no ill-effects as yet"

and presumably no obvious beneficial effects either ???

Aren't these fuel additives all just "snake oil"...
OK - it's time to ask the experts!!! - Roger Jones
As a constant user of VW snake oil (part no. G 001 700 03) in all of my cars, I know it works. As if more evidence were needed, I gave a bottle to a friend with an under-used BMW 635csi and only yesterday did he report a remarkable immediate improvement in starting and smoothness of running: it is counteracting the nasty effects of his using the car for little more than six-mile trips to the railway station and back. That's exactly what I experienced originally with my Audi 100, which was also clogging up because of short-trip usage: for instance, starting changed to one feather-touch of the key and never deteriorated.

Sadly, the price of the stuff has rocketed by over 50% in the past few years, but it's still worth it at about £6.00, which gives you enough to add to 150 litres of petrol. VW/Audi dealers are woefully ignorant of it (several of them tried for years to cure my Audi's cool-running problems without thinking of using it) and probably won't have it in stock, so call them in advance if you want to buy some.
OK - it's time to ask the experts!!! - trancer
Most of those fuel additives I have seen look suspiciously similar to auto transmission fluid which my uncle (a factory-trained diesel mechanic for the past 35 years) would happily pour into the fuel tanks of his fuel-injected cars. Diesel or petrol, it didn't matter as my petrol engined car got a good doseage despite my nervous objections. He claimed it lubricated the injectors. Whether it did or didn't, I have no clue, but the car never suffered for it.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by his actions as his brother (my father) would occasionally pour a trickle of water into the carburettor of an engine at fast tickover..to "steam clean the valves and combustion chamber" you see.
OK - it's time to ask the experts!!! - Dude - {P}
I have always followed H.J`s. advice and used quality fuel, (Shell Optimax Diesel), which I assumed included the necessary detergents and fuel pump lubricants.

Is H.J. now saying that Millers additive is now required with a quality fuel or just to supplement the inferior supermarket grades ????
OK - it's time to ask the experts!!! - Dave N
Doesn't the 'detergent' wash away the 'lubricity improver'?

And the cetane booster makes it feel like you're getting something for your money in terms of extra performance.


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