Wobbly steering, grating noises. - djchappy
Hello. I have a Rover 216 sli, recently whilst driving at any speeds i am getting a shaking in the steering wheel, and occasionly i am hearing a grating noise when turning left. I have checked all the fluids for power steering, and also had the balancing checked this morning (balancing was fine). I am wondering if its slightly more serious, ie ball bearing needs replacing or the cv joint is wearing out. Is there anyone thats experienced this problem?
Wobbly steering, grating noises. - escort man
Had the same problem...

Wobbly steering, grating noises. - outkast
Have you had a look at the front brakes,they could be causing the grinding noise also if they have a sticky piston the wobble could come from them as well
Wobbly steering, grating noises. - Civic8
What age is the car.there are many reasons for it.ie grating noise may be from pads.dirt or stone in back plate.the shaking of steering.if it is happening all the time.May pos be flexi joint between steering wheel and rack.
Wobbly steering, grating noises. - djchappy
Thanks for the reply. Car is K Reg (92), Further developements, on Friday on the way home it was fine (which really spooked me). This morning the juddering happened when i braked or eased of the accelerator after the car warmed up, (when its cold, its fine no problems) i could replicate the juddering everytime. When travelling at constant speed and accelerating it was fine. Does that help?

Should i still be driving it considering the juddering in the steering?

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