Fast car for around £4k - Ben {P}
A good friend of mine has asked me to find him a fast \"sports car\" for around £4k pounds. The car does not have to be in the typical sports car mode eg mx-5, but it does have to be fast. Practicality is not really an issue as he has a second sensible family car, and has recently changed employers allowing him to walk to work.

My first thought was a Nissan 200SX- I wondered if people here had any opinions and suggestions?
Fast cat for around £4k - Ben {P}
...ooops, i mean, er , fast CAR. Maybe one of the moderators could correct my typing.

Done, but I was tempted to leave it as \"Cat\".... ND
Fast car (cat optional) for around £4k - Leon on Derv
Should be able to pick up an oldish Scoob for about that sort of money or a bit more. Anything pushing decent BHP at that sort of money could be a cheap motor but may lead to huge garage bill.

Check its history carefully - very carefully - if in doubt just walk away.

Fast car (cat optional) for around £4k - teabelly
For 4k you could only get the scoobs without the turbo and they're not that quick relatively speaking.

How about a saab 9000 turbo, a volvo 850 t5, an 8v integrale (the 16v is out of budget practically speaking) but the latter is left hand drive. Alfa romeo 155 2 litre turbo or v6 164 are cheap at less than 3k ( should leave you enough for repairs!).

The nissan is a good reliable choice but I think it is rear wheel drive and with all those horses it would be a bit wayward.

Fast car (cat optional) for around £4k - Wilco {P}
Old shape Honda Prelude VTEC
Fast car (cat optional) for around £4k - Garethj
The Nissan 200SX is a hoot, and 4k should buy a reasonable one and the first year's garage bills. Gearboxes can suffer as can the turbos if they haven't been allowed to cool down after a thrash. There are a few specialists around so get a prospective car checked by one of them.

The Toyota Supra is a similar sort of car - basically a big old Capri but with better reliability!

Fast car for around £4k - Canon Fodder

Would he be able to get a 93/94 Golf VR6 for that sort of money? - they were fairly rapid......

Fast car for around £4k - PR {P}
Fiat Coupe Turbo, especially the 20v turbo, although 4k may only stretch to a 16v turbo
Fast car for around £4k - teabelly
The 16v might be the better buy as the 5 cylinder 20v requires the engine out for a cambelt change. Belts need to be changed every 3 years or 36000 miles so it could prove quite expensive, even at an independent.
Fast car for around £4k - BB
I agree with cannon fodder. A 93/94/95 VR6 is a great fast car.
Bit of a b***** to work on the engine as it has been crammed in, but the remainder of the vehicle is the same as any other mk3 golf which means plenty spare parts.

IMO the golf VR6 is the last good quality car that VW made.
Fast car for around £4k - Phidman
Audi A4 2.8.
You could probably get a non-Quattro high miler for that kind of money.
Fast car for around £4k - SjB {P}
Agree with much of the above, but if the emphasis is on a performance toy, and practicality matters not a jot, I'd go for two wheels every time. Four grand will buy something that'll blow the doors off any tin box!
Fast car for around £4k - Tony N
200Zx every time - reliability and rear drive, what more could you want. Wouldn't touch a VR6 or Fiat coup, sorry.

Fast car for around £4k - owen
Probably get ridiculed for this, but what about a Sierra cosworth? Ok, plenty of reasons why not to (boy racers, dodgy mods, long in the tooth etc) but personally it would be on my shortlist.

Fiat Coupe a good bet for a more modern car, should get a 20v turbo for that just about. The belts can be done by specialists with the engine in-situ, so that shouldn't be the only reason to be put off one.

Lotus Excel - slightly dated styling, but a good, reasonably reliable engine and excellent handling. A proper sports car, and a bit different.

Porsche 944?

Peugeot 306 GTi-6?

Fast car for around £4k - apm
Toyota Celica GT4. Just about get the last shape (twin round lights) for that money, I think. 250bhp, 4wd and tunable to silly levels. Pretty reliable, too (Toyota, after all). Friend had one, and BOY it was fast!

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