Fiesta Mk4 b fuses - pastyman
I have a fiesta Mk4b (facelifted version), and i want to know how i change the fuses in the fusebox thats in the engine bay, not the normal blade fuses, the special ford type of fuse, especially the 60amp fuse for the heated windscreen, it looks like it is pushed in place, but i was told they are screwed in place underneath the fuse holder, i don't know wether this is actually the case or not. I have seen one of these fuses and they appear to have a brass nut fitted on each terminal for doing a screw onto. The owners manual says refer to dealer for replacement, i don't think so, not for changing a fuse.
Can anyone tell me how these fuses are taken out.

Thanks for any help.

Fiesta Mk4 b fuses - Civic8
You are looking at a main fuse here.not a run of the mill fuse
could well be screwed am not sure about f4b.if the case you will need to get it checked it is a main fuse something serious there to blow it
Fiesta Mk4 b fuses - pastyman
The fuse was blown because the live feed to the heated screen earthed out on the bodywork where it had been rubbing, some power though, as its a 60amp fuse. Heat shrink sleeving applied, no problem.

Fiesta Mk4 b fuses - Civic8
Strange it should blow out main fuse
Fiesta Mk4 b fuses - Altea Ego

It should have blown a replaceable fuse in the fusebox first.
Fiesta Mk4 b fuses - mfarrow
It should have blown a replaceable fuse in the fusebox first.

Not if the wire BETWEEN the main and replaceable fuses shorted.

Mike Farrow

Fiesta Mk4 b fuses - Altea Ego
The feed from the main 60 amp fuse to the fusebox goes to a distribution bus. Loads of things would have failed if this earthed out, not just the heated rear window.
Fiesta Mk4 b fuses - henry k
This seems to be drifting from the original question, How to replace the fuse?

I suspect the Fiesta is similar to the Focus as far as fuses are concerned. In which case there are two fuse boxes. One with many fuses as normal. Another small one that includes a few large blade type fuses.
Large ones I seem to recall were to supply distrubution buses but one was EXCLUSIVE for heated FRONT window. Instructions were not to change them until fault was found by dealer. Well the fault has been found so it should be OK to replace the fuse.

So the simple question remains. How to extract and replace said fuse.
Fiesta Mk4 b fuses - Altea Ego
Beg pardon, teach me to read will it not, didnt see the FRONT windscreen. Yes they draw a hell of current. If examination of the fuse reveals it to be bolted on from the bottom, then the fuse box will need to come out. It wont be made too hard to do, so the fuse box may come to bits in situ, or will be easily bolted in place. I suspect the fuse is bolted to a bus bar at the bottom to carry that current, so remove all the cables and take it out. I suspect they may need to be torqued to a specific value

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