Offensive 'remarks' on back of cars - bertj
I've recently followed two cars with very offensive 'remarks' stuck on the back bumpers and/or boot lids. They seemed to be 'professional' type stickers. I wouldn't dream of quoting them here but they were on the lines of 'Eat my ****** etc. etc.
Probably another minefield, but how would the police react to such things? I know it's a free country but .........
Offensive 'remarks' on back of cars - flatfour
How about breach of the peace? some stickers I have seen make you feel like getting out of your car and hitting the guy in front, one i saw yesterday spelt several 4 letter words out in large letters, surely no self respecting person would drive around with this on their car. Others that amaze me are the ones that refur to the drivers capabilities in making love and they seem to be driven by a woman.
Offensive 'remarks' on back of cars - Sooty Tailpipes
Someone would have to make a complaint before the Police would act, it would be a public order offence, "action likely to cause indue distress or anxiety"
Offensive 'remarks' on back of cars - andymc {P}
I remember a couple of years ago reading a thread on another forum, where a girl was complaining about getting an on-the-spot fine for having the words "Spoilt Bi***" printed on her licence plate. It was under the public order offence mentioned by Sooty above.
Offensive 'remarks' on back of cars - Anglesey Ian

Consider the level of intellectual functioning of a person
who will adorn their car with offensive statements and rather than anger, feel pity !

Offensive 'remarks' on back of cars - THe Growler
It's amazing that no matter how busy Nanny is she always finds time for the teensie-weensie-est things....

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