Too Good a Deal !! - BobbyG
I like most of you have an interest in cars, therefore when any of my friends/ relatives are looking for cars, I am dragged along.

My sister is looking for a C3 diesel, she has seen a deal today in Arnold Clark Citroen, brand new unregistered C3 1.4 HDI LX, list price £10,300, Citroen are doing their cashback deal of £1000 on this, but the dealer has taken it down to £7988 on the road!

I have searched high and low and just cannot find a deal to match this - obviously what they will give her on her trade in may influence but the salesman knows there is going to be a trade in but this was the price he started with! (My sister had her other car with her today).

I have to go along tomorrow with my sister and haggle him down!! I have told my sister to bring all her trade in documentation and proof of address details for finance etc to show the salesman she is going to do a deal if it is right. The salesman has said that Arnold Clark have already committed to these and if they don't sell them then they will register them themselves, probably use for hire for a few months and then sell on. This all sounds ok to me - do you think I have further scope to haggle?

Obviously, I may get a dire trade in offered with the "our price is already so low" speech!

Thoughts? Or are you all at the pub like sensible people?
Too Good a Deal !! - PhilW
Sounds like a good price to me! and if the trade -in is low how about selling the other car privately?
Too Good a Deal !! - Maz
What Car has the target price for this car as £8441 so you're £600 up at the halfway stage. You'll do well to get near book for your trade-in.

What car are you tradng in?
Too Good a Deal !! - BobbyG
1998 Peugeot 106 1.5 XND 90000 miles
Too Good a Deal !! - DavidHM
Sometimes deals this good do come along. UKCarBroker can't get anywhere close, for once, and in fact is over the What Car? target price, which is unusual.

Even so, the big dealers occasionally do have serious volumes of stock to shift and do get it at seriously good prices, even when they're not particularly cheap for a one off, 'random' model from the range. Sometimes though a good deal just happens to coincide with what you want.

For instance, in the Daily Mail this someone was advertising Picasso 1.6 LXs for £8999. There's no air con, so it's hardly a steal but that's far cheaper than anything else I've seen on a Picasso.

On that basis, I'd say there's no reason not to go for this deal. Just be very pleasantly surprised if you get more than £1200 for the swapper, even if it's in great nick, because there'll be limited margin for the sales person to play with and it doesn't sound like there's a huge pressure on him to sell at that price.
Too Good a Deal !! - BobbyG
Well, I secured the deal today.

Car £7988 inc 6 months tax. Extra £300 for metallic paint (my sister's choice of colour)
Trade In £1200 without their finance, £1500 with (went with)
Negotiated in dash multichanger for free (worth £250)
Also mats free (worth £45)

Their finance worked out at only £400 more than Directline over 3 years so by taking their finance got extra £300 on trade in and £300 of accessories.

Not bad I thought? Delivery Friday.

One thing however, noticed the C3 doesn't have any rear head restraints although has the holes and fittings for them - other than a citroen dealer, does anyone know of a good breaker / car parts place that I could maybe get them from?

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