Mopeds. - Ashley
Hi all,

After all the events over the week it seems that this world isn't all it's cracked up to be, but hey, it's what it is so let's make the best of it !

I've been nattering to a local lad, Jamie is his name. He is the proud owner of a 'Y' plate Honda XR8 S moped. He's owned it for about 6 weeks and he loves it to bits, so he tells me. We chatted about what it cost him to buy, and the cost of running it. Here are the figures:

Cost of moped £1600.
Insurance £300 per year
Tax £15 per year
Fuel £4.40 per tank
Mpg ? About 120 !

It looks the business to be honest with you, apart from when it rains when it can get a bit unpleasant. But he's got his independance and that's got to be worth something. When in Belgium what strikes me is that everyone has one, so why is this country fascinated with the car ? ( says he with three cars in the family ).

My point ? well if i worked in my local area, i'd sell my car and buy one ! The only thing that'd put me off is the 35mph max speed and the puny noise it makes, but i'd put up with that when i'd be saving all that money that i'd be paying out for my car !


Re: Mopeds. - Alvin Booth
Couldn't agree more with you and one day we may all be doing the same, especially if the current events leads to the Arabs turning the oil taps off when the US gets around to punish the guilty.
The downside is of course some lunatics in cars who for some reason don't see two wheelers.
I've always been a keen cyclist from my teens but even cycling around my small market town I appear to be a target for so many.
Every time I go out, at least three times I cringe in terror as even little old ladies force past me brushing so close and then usually take a right turn another 10 metres on.
In Belgium and Holland cyclists and two wheelers are given more respect, room, and facillities.
Go for it Ash but be prepared to live dangerously.
Re: Mopeds. - christopher watson
go for the gilera runner 125, you get about 100 mpg, plus the 0-60 time is faster then a porsche 911 (about 5.6 seconds), you can get one for about £1200 for a year old version.
Re: Mopeds. - fred smith
while there remain stiffer penalties for minor speeding than there are for wiping out a motorcycle/moped (in practise) this form of transport will remain too dangerous in this country...

notice the mp who killed a lad in italy is still driving around...

doesnt add up when a few sp30's lead to a ban...

good idea, but not with the "speed kills" crowd in charge of road safety

wander round an orthopedic ward and count the biker patients...
Re: Mopeds. - Alvin Booth
Whilst we have Judges who live in an unreal world and never come into contact with ordinary living we shall continue to have these ludicrous inconsistent sentencing.
Driving home today listening to the radio news we had two Prison Officers sentenced to between three and four years imprisonment for whacking a convict and the next item was two parents let off for starving their 9 month old baby to death. The Judge said they had suffered enough.
Paedophiles get counselling, Archer gets 4 years.
Come back Judge Argyle......and Jeffries.
Re: Mopeds. - Ashley
I asked Jamie why he was riding around with his lights on, i assumed it was a legal requirement. His answer was ' No, it's just safer because most drivers don't see you behind them, so a headlight warns them of your presence'.

What is the biggest engine size you can learn on using a car license ?

Regarding the US revenge bit. My father suggested to me and my brother that we keep our cars fuel tanks as full as we can, in case there are repercussions in the oil industry.

Looks a little worrying doesn't it ?


Re: Mopeds. - David Millar

Regs I obtained ages ago from a website are below. I have wondered about getting one of the new BMW scooters with safety belts, cage, abs etc. They are not selling or BMW wouldn't be offering them at an effective discount but could they be the right way for the more timid riders, including myself with a 20-year lay-off. Unfortunately, some of the bike journalists have made it clear they don't think they will suit beginners which means I couldn't justify trying to use one as a family run-around. Anyone got direct experience?


The Law

At seventeen and over anyone can apply for a provisional motorcycle licence, but the licence is not valid without a Compulsory Basic Training certificate and it only allows you to ride machines up to 125cc with a maximum of 15bhp.

A full car licence automatically counts as a provisional motorcycle licence, but you still need to do CBT for it to be valid. A full car licence also enables you to ride a 50cc moped without L-plates or any training. Sixteen-year-olds may also ride mopeds, but must first take CBT.

A provisional motorcycle licence is only valid for 2 years - if you do not pass your full test within that time a mandatory one-year ban comes into effect. The theory test must be completed before the practical test.

21 years and over can do Direct Access Training for an unrestricted licence. Under 21 years must undergo a two year 33bhp restriction on passing.
Re: Mopeds. - Ashley
Does this mean that as a 27 yr old car license holder i can buy a 50cc and ride it without L plates or CBT course ?

Also, would i need to update my license at all i.e send it off to DVLC as i did when i added my pcv provisional to it, or can i just go out and ride ?

Could i do the Direct training course for an unrestricted license after say 6 months experience ?

Ash. (getting interested in a 2 wheeler !)
Re: Mopeds. - David Millar

The answer to yor first question is yes provided it is a restricted moped (they can be easily destricted but that would be illegal for you to ride without passing CBT). You do not have to send your licence off for a restricted moped if you have a car licence. I believe you may also carry a passenger on this already slow moped.

However, I would hesitate to do any of this without at least getting the benefit of the CBT course and the full training is I am sure worthwhile even if you do no more than derestrict that moped.

Re: Mopeds. - Bill Doodson

Go for it, do your CBT I, know that you will be welcomed by any one doing the training, they are all enthusiasts.

The smaller mopeds are a danger to all who use them on our roads they just dont have the performance to keep up with the traffic. This is limited by law, you try and work it out, we put our youngest most inexperienced powered road users onto the most dangerous machines. No doubt govmt stats will disprove that last statement.

I just got caught by the Moped Law in 1972 but at least I could have a Fissie (Yamaha FS1E) that had reasonable performance.

If you think you may do longer journeys or end up on fast A roads or Motorways you will need somthing larger than a moped which is not legal on the motorway anyway. I personnally would not use anything less that 250cc. But I think Brian does a good number of miles on a Honda 200. The problem is that the larger machines use fuel less sparingly by a long way. Anything over about 500cc will probably be worse on fuel than a TDI Golf. You pays your money and takes your choice. BUT you should aways be near the front of the Q on what ever you decide to go for.

See also posts in "Nanny State" thread.

Go For it

Re: Mopeds. - Tom Shaw
Problem with fuel consumption on bikes is that although many scooters and mopeds can easily do 100+ per gallon, the tank is quite small, so that in a fuel shortage they are actually worse off than cars.
Re: Mopeds. - Guy Lacey
I just sneaked in with my full motorbike licence in 1995 and have pootled about ever since. My mate and I hired out some poxy 80cc mopeds in Crete recently and rode the equivalent of Taunton to London and back (Malia - Aghios Nikolaos - Sitia and back) on 2 gallons!! However, the plumes of smoke emitted from the rear of these 2-stroke beasts and the horrendous overtaking manouveres by frustrated Cretans due to our paltry 70km top-end meant - NO THANKS!!

Small mopeds do pose a serious environmental hazard due to the oil burned. The only moped company taking it seriously is Aprilia who, I believe, are developing 2-stroke moped engines with the Exhaust Gas Recirculation as per modern diesels.
Re: Mopeds. - Andrew Hamilton
I wonder if running a new motorbike is really cheaper than an older car. Some bikes are so complicated and spares are expensive. Also proud owner spends more time on polishing up all the chrome on a bike than most car owners do.

I feel motorbikes are a fun thing but really a car is the only practical thing in rainy Britain! Adolescents who think they are invulnerable able to drive bikes with more power than they have experience to handle accounts for the high accident rate where no other vehicle is involved.
honda 50/70/90 - christopher watson
i would go for a honda 50/70/90, very cheap parts, reliable, £400 gets a decent one, 100 mpg, £15 per year tax, £10 - £15 for a mot, plus very cheap insurance. plus when you come to sell it, you will get the £400 back, BRILL.
Re: honda 50/70/90 - Brian
Hi Bill,
Sorry for the late reply but I have been in hospital.
The bike I use is actually 233cc and quite capable of 70 mph+, with a reasonable acceleration.
I refused, not too long ago, to sell a 50cc restricted scooter to someone who wanted it to commute along a single lane (each way) road carrying heavy traffic at 50 mph or more. They would not have lasted a week and I did not want their death on my concience. Too low a power can be more deadly than too much.
Keep safe

Value my car