XUD 9 cylinder Head Gasket - grae459
Hope someone can help me out here. I recently replaced the complete cylinder head and head gasket on this engine 3 weeks ago. The head is totally reconditioned skimmed new valves etc. New head bolts were fitted and torqued to the specified limits. The problem is over the last fortnight a little oil seems to be coming out the left hand side of the head gasket. This is were the main oil feed and return holes are in the block. As this is the timing belt side you cannot possibly see the head and block joint because of the protective metal cover. The oil is not coming from cam seals or anywhere else it seems to me. I was wondering if maybe could i torque the head down a little more to try and seal this up. The engine is running like new. And as some may know the XUD 9 engine is almost always permantly covered in oil in all peugeots!. Any help and advice is appreciated.
XUD 9 cylinder Head Gasket - hm
Did you match the gasket to the clearance of the pistons etc?

On most pug's the head gaskets have notches which represent the thickness, there are about four different sizes.

Did you just replace the gasket with the same number of notches?
Please do not take this the wrong way, did you even notice the notches?

This is just a thought.

Another issue could be the bolts?


XUD 9 cylinder Head Gasket - RichardW
General thought seems to be to stick the thickest (3 notch) gasket in when replacing it. However we are talking a new head here. Do not try re-torquing the bolts - this will do nothing - they are stretch types, and as long as you have tightened them enough to stretch them, more will not increase the clamping force on the head.

I remember reading a while back a story about an XUD 9 engine that had 3 gaskets and kept blowing them. On close inspection of the 3rd replacement, the block face was found to be slightly raised around the holes where the head bolts screw down. A couple of hours work with a whetstone to flat them off and the new gasket was OK.

If the oil leak is not too bad, then just live with it!

My Xantia TD is on 92k, and the engine is still pretty oil tight (Grabs nearest tree and gives it a bear hug!)


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
XUD 9 cylinder Head Gasket - Jehovah
The garage have just had tremendous fun over the last 3 weeks with my peugeot boxer camper with a 2litre petrol XU series engine - the head was off 3 times following a head gasket failure, and in the end they found that the stretch bolts peugeot were selling them for that engine code appeared too long - when torqued up, the water was being pressurised because the faces wouldn't quite mate tightly enough. They ended up using some sort of spacer on the bolts (which I hope is the way to do it................).
XUD 9 cylinder Head Gasket - Dizzy {P}
If the stretch-bolts were tightened by the angle-turn process (as opposed to "torqued up") the use of spacers under the bolt heads should be fine. However there are a couple of things that the mechanic should have allowed for ...

Firstly, the spacers must be strong enough to take the load without cracking or spreading, either straight away or over time.

Secondly, the spacers must not have a sharp edge to the hole which can ride on the radius under the head of the bolt and cut into it; the full load must be taken on the face of the spacer, none on a corner.
XUD 9 cylinder Head Gasket - rg
The XUD9 on my Pug 405 had an oil and gas leak from the injector side of the head for at least 50K, did not loose coolant or overheat, kept passing emissions tests, started OK, etc, etc.

It "bubbled" small amounts of gas and oil, rather like lard in a frying pan.

When I scrapped it at 251K it was due to a dead diff, worn door hinges, worn rear suspension bearings, dead sunroof, and the appeal of a one-owner FSH XM 2.5 estate. No doubt it would have run on with the same leak for many more miles.



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