Wierd Motorway Slip Road - clariman
I remember some years ago reading about a slip road that joins a motorway, possibly the M5, on the right hand side, ie the fast lane.

Did I read this correctly?

If so, are there photos of this junction on the web somewhere?


Wierd Motorway Slip Road - Sheepy-by-the-Sea
Doubt whether it's the one, but the M55 westbound from Blackpool starts with a two lane section (non-Motorway) which reduces to one lane by closing the left-hand lane.

This then continues past a junction, also the start of the motorway proper, and two lanes join to run alongside. The single lane then becomes lane 3, though with no merging - but slow traffic finds it v. difficult to cross over the two inside lanes and it does cause some confusion.
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - GTLK
I think that the M60 Junction at Bredbury does this (near to Stockport)? and I'm sure that the new M6 Birmingham Northern Relief Road will do this also when it opens in January.

confirmation anyone?
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - John Shelton
They made a right cock up with a local junction from the M1, it leads straight onto the runway of East Midlands Airport.
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - Rab
Thats right. I live close to the one at Bredbury going anti-clockwise on the M60. There was a feature about it in the local paper a while ago about how it was only supposed to be temporary (I think they were supposed to build a flyover) but with all the road spending cutbacks it's never been sorted out...
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - SteveH42
Yes, I remember the article and the claim that even a fairly high powered family car would struggle to reach 70 by the time the slip joined the M60. I'd love to know what the reporter was driving as even my Tipo could easily manage 70 by the time I was joining the motorway and my 1.0 Yaris manages it without breaking a sweat.

In the main there are no serious problems with the junction. What can cause problems are people who aren't prepared to get a move on and try and join in the fast lane at 40 which can make things 'difficult'. The other one is people who are already on the M60 doing 80+ who don't let traffic from the slip filter in then overtake but prefer to undertake forcing the joining traffic to either exceed the limit or stay out until there is a gap to get back in. I'm assuming this junction will be sorted when / if the A6M Stockport bypass gets built. It would appear from what has been build that the exit slip joining this road south-bound will be from the outside lane also.

I assume the laws preventing certain vehicles from using the outside lane are relaxed for junction such as these?
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - clariman
Doubt whether it's the one, but the M55 westbound from Blackpool
starts with a two lane section (non-Motorway) which reduces to one
lane by closing the left-hand lane.

Presumably you mean Eastbound, otherwise you are in the Irish Sea! ;o)
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - Raymondo
In Scotland there are several - M8 westbound and eastbound in Glasgow. The junctions there provide a 'fast lane' exit AND entrance, but to my knowledge it hasn't caused any accidents except to startle a few tourists!
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - SR
Raymondo - if you're local you might also know the one at the beginning of the M80 heading from Stepps into the centre of Glasgow. If I remember it right, a slip road joins from the right at virtually the same point as the inside lane of the 2-lane motorway disappears.....can be a bit confusing
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - 3500S
I think the one you are referring to is the M42-M40 junction, can't remember the exact name of it.

After a sweeping bend you are faced with the prospect of joining the M42 on the fast lane with maybe only a 400 yard run up to it.
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - Rebecca {P}
M40/M42 - does join in the outside lane, but I think that the traffic already on the M42 goes down to 2 lanes and the 3rd lane starts from the slip road. So you don't have to fit in with oncoming traffic, you have enough time to get to your desired speed/lane.

Does that make sense?
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - pdc {P}

You can also find a motorway simulator at this site.
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - Ivor E Tower
Motorway in Glasgow has some wierd sliproads - used a couple of times in the 1990's.
Also the motorway in Newcastle-upon-Tyne city centre has some odd junctions.
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - pdc {P}
The M61 in Bolton is a strange one. It's a motorway that has 2 start points, and 1 end. It ends at the M60, but starts both just outside Bolton, and also just outside Preston, at the M6. Where the two spurs come together, just before the M60, the main spur from Preston joins on the left of the short spur from Bolton. Both these carriageways are 3 laned until they join, when they both go down to two, ultimately making 4 lanes. This means that the fast lane of the Preston spur is to the left of the slow lane of the Bolton spur. To make matters worse, you only have a short time to decide whether you are going to get in the two left lanes (from Preston) to go clockwise on the M60, or the two right lanes (from bolton) to go anticlockwise on the M60.

You can not imagine the congestion at rush hour!

Did I explain that well enough? I read somewhere that it's the widest junction on the motorway network, there being 16 lanes running parallel at one point.

You can see the mess here tinyurl.com/uylo
Wierd Motorway Slip Road - pdc {P}
Sorry, 17 lanes


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