Road tax doding TV advert - Blue {P}
Has anyone seen the recent TV adverts encouraging people to get their cars taxed?

For those who haven't, they basically feature Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, been driven untaxed, the powers that be catch the car on camera and then clamp it and prevent it from flying away to escape.

Would anyone like to have a guess why this is a ridiculous advert and not at all realistic? I'll post the answer later on. :-)

Road tax doding TV advert - tunacat
Is it that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang should be tax-exempt?

Road tax doding TV advert - Dynamic Dave
Recent advert?

You didn't see the advert on UK Gold by chance?
Road tax doding TV advert - Welliesorter
I think this ad has been discussed here before. I liked it but thought the flaw (as if the ad were supposed to be realistic) was the fact that the clamp needs a chain to be effective. Otherwise Chitty Chitty Bang Bang would be able to fly away.

There's also the fact that Chitty would be exempt from road tax but still need a (free) disc.

Despite this I think it gets its message across very well. They must have gone to quite a bit of trouble to cast the Dick van Dyke lookalike.
Road tax doding TV advert - Blue {P}
I thought I was the only one sad enough to notice this! :-)

Yes, as it was registered before 1973 or whatever, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is tax exempt and so it shouldn't really have been clamped.

Road tax doding TV advert - Phoenicks
Speaking of adverts, but a bit off subject. Has anyone seen the benefits ad where the girl trys to dye her friends hair and gets it wrong, and then she can take her money out of a cashpoint?

Is it just me or does this advert just state that people waste their benefit on rubbish and have nothing better to do with their day but play hairdressers, when in fact they should be out getting a job. Irritates me every time....

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