Unique junction? - deltaseven
The Evening Post recently reported that the town [Reading] has a street junction that is unique in the country ? the meeting of Pell Street, Elgar Road, Katesgrove Lane and Berkeley Avenue is, we believe, the only one in the country where an avenue, road, lane, and a street all meet. So far nobody has challenged this claim. (Reading Post 12 November 2003)


Anybody able to challenge this - or can we claim it as a dubious honour for Reading?

Unique junction? - Mark (RLBS)
Well, well, well. I used to use the Star in the 80s; mind you, I don\'t remember anybody looking like Liz Hurley although there were a couple of punk females in the crowd.

Meanwhile, isn\'t there a canal (or maybe river) at that junction as well ?
Unique junction? - deltaseven
Hi Mark,

(I think) The canal you are thinking of is the Kennet and Avon Canal - couple of meters away from the junction in question - but not far off!

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