Clunking Volvo S80 - GTLK
I've got a 1999 Volvo S80 2.9 Auto, bought earlier this year. Its great except for two clunking and thunking noises.

Firstly, there is connection between the footbrake, handbrake and gearlever which must be related to the interlock. When you press the footbrake you can hear a switch clicking down below and you can feel mechanical movement through the handbrake and gearlever. - Why? Is that right?

Secondly, the steering wheel has a slight movement (as if taking up slack) when the car starts from a standstill. HJ suggested balljoints a few months ago, but my specialist Volvo mechanic couldn't find anything wrong. He even got a Volvo service manager down, but in both cases said that 'they're all like that'. Are they?

Clunking Volvo S80 - camphilip
Mine definitely isn't like that! 2001(Y) S80 2.4S(140 bhp)Automatic with 75,000 miles up has none of the symptons you mention. Is the Volvo dealer giving the advice the same one you bought it from? If so I'd get a second opinion elsewhere!
Perhaps I'm just another tired old cynic but why do the words "they all do that sir" crop up all too frequently in the motor trade - perhaps Hj has a view?

Good luck - I would still buy another S80 for the comfort alone - pity some dealers and routine service costs aren't better

Clunking Volvo S80 - GTLK
Hi camphilip,

the car was bought privately from a known source with FVSH and is now serviced by my cousin who is a Volvo specialist who genuinely goes on all the courses. He knows more about Volvos than most service managers. He says that its becuase of the size of the engine and the torque generated. I think he's doing his best and I know he has been all over the driveshafts and suspension bushes with nothing worn worth mentioning.

I like the S80, but HJ says that the 2.9 and T6 ride more harshly than the smaller engines. I haven't driven the 2.4, but the 2.9 does have a harsh ride over small road imperfections, but its a superb long distance cruiser and economical under those conditions. I wnet down to London from Manchester a few weeks ago in the evening; steady traffic all the way and still averaged, well lets say something high and got 27mpg with four people on board. My next car wil be an S80 D5 auto hopefully.

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