Warranty Cover - M.M
Seeing as No Dosh encourages us to look right towards the "News" area I just have to comment on the £350 winter breakdown. What is it with Warranty Direct covered vehicles that makes them so damn unreliable.

I "specialise" in older Citroems and even they don't seem to be able to rack uo the catalogue of disasters WD warn us of.

Warranty Cover - Dizzy {P}
I think it is quite clear why WD-covered vehicles have such a bad record. Those who run their car without proper maintenance face expensive breakdowns so they take out a warranty against the inevitable bills. If you look after your car you don't need to take out a breakdown warranty, therefore you don't figure in WD's statistics.

Incidentally, it's not "News", it's an advertisement.
Warranty Cover - SpamCan61 {P}
Know what you mean...the same advert states that 1 in 12 claims are for cracked cylinder heads...a very rare occurence in any modern car; I would've thought. I can only recall a couple of cracked cylinder head issue in the 2 years I've been reading the BR>
Warranty Cover - Mark (RLBS)
Ah, you\'re just sour because of the second bullet point in the blue panel of their page.


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