alfa worries - alfaben

I have 5yr old 145 cloverleaf, 48k, and recently when I accelerate and more recently when I brake the handbrake light comes on.....any thoughts what this could be?? The handbrake is definately not engaged.

Also, at very low speed if I turn wheel slightly to left and slightly to right (not full lock) I get what a clunky noise - not very technical but can't think how else to describe!

Any help appreciated

alfa worries - Dynamic Dave
Is the handbrake light also a warning of low brake fluid? It is on my Vectra. If brake fluid level has dropped a little you could be displacing the liquid when you accelerate / brake and jiggling the float.
alfa worries - PR {P}
Sounds about right DD. Try topping it up and see if that helps. Also, you could try and ask there, lots of good advice (usually!)
alfa worries - Roger Jones
If a brake warning light is coming on while driving, take it very seriously indeed. It happened last month on my old Capri just after it had passed its MOT: a cylinder on the offside rear wheel had failed. I'm glad it happened close to home.
alfa worries - alfaben

Many thanks for your advices.

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