Punto MK2 Clutch - Ross D
Hi all.

I was hoping to get some advice on a couple of problems I'm having with my Y reg 1.2 8v Punto which has done just over 21000 miles.

The 1st problem is as follows: Recently the clutch has been getting heavier and un smooth, espiecially around the biting point. This is making it a bit of an art to get a amooth change from 1st to 2nd gear etc. I took it to the dealer and they said that there is nothing that they can do under warranty unless the clutch actually fails is this true, It seems a little unfair if it is, as the clutch is obviously on it's last legs. and after 21000 miles clutch failure seems a little premature as most of my other cars clutches have lasted at least twice as long. IS this a common fault with Puntos? Is there anything I can do to get the dealer to address the problem? Or do i have to wait for it to fail (no doubt just outside of warranty) and cough up for the cost of repair myself?

The car has been going through about 1 litre of oil every 1000 miles, I know this is within quoted limits, but is this realy acceptable for a 3 year old car?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Punto MK2 Clutch - mick c
I have 1.2 8v jan 2002. My clutch pedal was "clicking/creaking" and had been greased several times by various dealers to aleviate the problem (which never worked). More recently the gearbox became noisy (whirring in lower gears). I took this to Dixon Fiat in Horsforth, Leeds (the only Fiat dealer I've dealt with that I'd actually recommend). Result - they changed the gearbox for a new one without further diagnosis - apparantly FIAT have told them not to bother stripping suspect gearboxes, just to replace them - it must be cheaper in the long run. They also replaced the clutch at the same time ("just in case") even though they were unsure if there was a problem or not. All under warranty. The car has done just over 30,000 miles. I would def. try another dealer and keep trying 'til you get a result.

As far as the oil goes I would say it's def. suspect.

Let me know how you get on.


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