Service reminder reset - Astra - craig the car
I have a 98\' Astra. Where the milage counter is a warning comes up for a couple of seconds when a service is required when the car is turned on. I\'ve had the service done but they didn\'t reset it for me. It\'s not a major problem just one of those annoying things. Any ideas how to reset this till the next service is due??
Service reminder reset - Dynamic Dave
To reset InSP on Vauxhall:

Ignition Off
Hold Trip Reset In
Turn on Ignition
Still Holding Trip Reset wait for three dashes
Turn off Ignition
Turn on Ignition
Service reminder reset - David Horn
Is it possible to do a similar thing on a Citroen Xsara - mine was serviced a few weeks ago but the service indicator says that it has only 5000 miles to go before the next service.



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