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E-Class/5 Series or A6 - Advice Please - Ian

Hope you kind folk are able to offer some guidance. I have read HJ's comments and am a bit perplexed. We are looking for a used (large) quality car to do approx 12k/year as our sole family car. I had always fancied a BMW 528 or a new shape E-class. Whereas my wife likes Audi A6s (she has ruled out Jag XJ6-8(small boot/rear legroom) & the Lexus GS/LS through looks & size). We were looking to spend approx £16k.
Looking at HJs comments none of these cars appear fool proof.
A couple of dealers near by have the following for sale:
1999/T Audi A6 2.8 Quattro 45k 2 owners sat/nav,air, leather, with NetworkQ warranty for £16k
1998/R Mercedes E300TD Elegance, auto, air, 1 owner 95k for £16k.
There are loads of 528s about though mostly with big mileage.

Does anybody have any commnets/advice. I am slightly worried about the bore wear on the BMWs - rightly or wrongly?

Also what sort of mpg would you expect out ofthe E300TD (some books give low 30's others 40+).

Many thanks in advance for your help

Re: E-Class/5 Series or A6 - Advice Please - honest john
Low 30s for the E300TD unless you drive it very slowly. You have to live in Europe to really benefit from thsi diesel engine. The E220CDI is good for 40+ mpg and the E320CDI for mid to high 30s. Unfortunately they are both a bit out of your price range.

A 1999 528i should have a steel bore lined block, as should any which has been re-engined by a BMW dealer.

Re: E-Class/5 Series or A6 - Advice Please - Ian
Thanks for your comments HJ.
Do you have any thoughts on the A6 2.8 Quattro saloon. My wife really likes it because the back seats fold (kids bikes etc.)and the sat nav, climate control & computer, looks etc.
I was trying to put her off because the complexity (maintance expense) of the 4x4 system and what I thought would be low mpg
(low 20's?). Though it does come with a Network Q warranty.
Is it about right price wise?


Re: E-Class/5 Series or A6 - Advice Please - andy bairsto
I would go for the BMW experience has proved to me they are pretty bullit proof,I and many people have had numerous problems with DB products.And as you say the Audi 4x4 is both expensive to run and maintain and purchase.
We have two BMW a Z3 with 51000km and to press no trouble and my sons Bmw 3 1.6 coupe with 12000+km and looks like new inside and out.
But you pays your money and makes your choice.
Happy motoring what ever you choose.
Andy Bairsto
Re: E-Class/5 Series or A6 - Advice Please - markymarkn
I recommend the BMW. The current 5 series has been said to be the best BMW ever made, and BMW themselves did over 1,000,000 miles in one under simulated road conditions. None of the major critical parts in the engine were out of manufacturer's tollerances afterwards either.
Re: E-Class/5 Series or A6 - Advice Please - honest john
I'd question what an A6 2.8 Quattro is doing at a Network Q dealer.

Re: E-Class/5 Series or A6 - Advice Please - Martin Wall
What about a new model Volvo v70 estate?

I reckon you should be able to get an 18 month old car for your budget...
Re: E-Class/5 Series or A6 - Advice Please - Michael
i had a 5 series for a year following 2 years with a mec 190e and 3 with a 180c. On balance, the bmw was more troublesome (nothing major, just a few electrical niggles), but the thing that stuck in my mind was the wear and tear around the drivers door trim. It was disintegrating. Both mercs showed little signs of wear anywhere and had fewer niggling problems. The bmw was a better drive but I found my leg ached after two hours driving, not a problem I had with the mercs and testament to their seats. However, this is likely to be a personal preference depending on your own height and weight.
On balance, I preferred the merc even though the bmw handled better and generally outperformed it.
Re: E-Class/5 Series or A6 - Advice Please - Martyn
My wife had the MB and became totally fed up with the saga of problems and failure to fix first time. Two years ago she got an A6 1.8T SE and she is absolutely delighted with it - no problems, 35mpg and really comfortable. We didn't try the 5 series as the local dealer couldn't be arsed to let us try one, or even call us back.

Since then the Audi dealer has sold an A4 to my wife's father and is about to sell a TT to me. Moral children?

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