Carina E - ball joints - doug_523i
My Dad has been quoted £566 for replacing the lower ball joints on his 1995 Carina E. The handling has felt a bit vague of late, but this seems a bit excessive, even for main dealer prices, is it a big job?
Carina E - ball joints - neil
Just done this job on my Carina 2 - which is similar in most respects mechanically, not sure about balljoints - but the parts came to £65 incl VAT - BluePrint, good OE Japanese manufacture - and it took about an hour a side... so yes, a bit excessive and no, not a big job! (Unless they're wholly different and I can't think they will be!)
Carina E - ball joints - Aprilia
Way over the top!
Try Blueprint for OEM parts (sold through CAS motor factors). Also try 'Parts Direct' in Derby, a major mail-order factor (they can order direct from Japan at a very good price - this according to another BR'er).
Not a difficult job - if you don't want to DIY then almost any garage worth its salt should be able to do it for you.
Carina E - ball joints - doug_523i
Sorry, my mistake, I got the wrong end of the stick yesterday. It's the lower arm bushes that have gone, and the price included new arms, which still seems a bit dear. I've spent half the day on the web searching for ball joints, £56 per side was the best price I saw. They reckon on three hours for the arms. It's only done 40,000 so I suppose it's the bushes ageing rather than wearing.
Carina E - ball joints - Aprilia
Try Parts-Direct

Have the VIN number to hand. I bet the arms (with bushes and balljoint) come in at less than £100 each.

(PS Thanks to Gazza for private e-mail tip on Parts-Direct - they do seem very good).
Carina E - ball joints - doug_523i
The car sailed through the mot yesterday, the only points noted were tyre depths down to 3mm on the front. So we are left wondering if there is a problem or not, or whether a main agent feels pensioners are a source of easy money around Xmas.


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