aftermarket remote central locking - CM
I recently bought SWMBO a 96 A4 Avant. There are 2 problems that she has with it one being that there are no electric rear windows and the other is that there is no remote central locking (which is a pain as we have to carry our disabled kid to the car and it would be a lot easier to open up without fumbling the key into the lock etc).

The rear windows will be expensive and she will just have to live with that, but the remote CL should be easy enough as the car already has CL.

Is there any cheap way of doing this while still using the standard alarm (this is the one that briefly beeps at you when locking the doors)? Is there any make better than the other? On her old car I had installed a Clifford. The problem with this was that if you did not start the engine within 30secs of opening up then the immobiliser cut in (not really a problem just a little annoying).
aftermarket remote central locking - Deryck Tintagel
Depending on the make of alarm you might already have the connections for a CDL interface. My old Foxguard had a wire that was switched to either 12V or 0V when the alarm was armed. This would then just need a module adding to connect into the vehicle locking system.

Maplin Electronics do a couple of ad-ons. One is an interface module at about £15 and the other is a complete keyfob and interface kit at about £50. Have a look at their website and, in particular, check the datasheets first.
aftermarket remote central locking - IanW
VAG Parts are currently doing a kit for this. Try

I've used them a couple of times in the past, and found them to be very knowledgable.

A4 Central locking pump location - CM
Thanks to the help of IanW, I bought a remote central locking kit. I was looking to install it but before I ripped the car to pieces to locate the central locking pump, I though I might ask the BR if they know precisely where it is located.

The car is a 1997 A4 Avant (manufactured in 1996) and the instruction book with the kit said that it was located in the boot under the carpet (passengers side). Is this correct? As from what I have seen under the carpet is some insulation.

Any help would be welcome

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