Free HJ book. - David Woollard

I see you are offering the first Book of Motoring Answers" free (+p&p) via a form on this site. As we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch I must assume you will then sell our credit card details to Chris Watson's friend "Big Eddie".......who is real.......honest!

Re: Free HJ book. - Dave
I have this book (from a church fete) it is excellent!!!

Best 20p I've ever spent and helps St Mary's to a new roof!

So yeah. Buy it!
Re: Free HJ book. - Simon Saxton

Dont forget to post it on the forum please, I would like a copy.
Re: Free HJ book. - honest john
Actually there is another free book or rather glossy booklet entitled 'How to Buy and Sell Used Cars' freshly updated a couple of months ago, sponsored by VW and about to be offered entirely free of charge in my column on Saturday. Since I don't know the exact details of how you have to ask for it (I don't work at the paper, only freelance copy in by e-mail) you'll have to check Saturday's paper or wait for someone to relay the details in The Backroom. Also forthcoming: a delightful Mystery Motors sepia picture book (available October at £9.99) and 'Honest John's Yearbook 2001-2002' which contains a hardcopy version of the car by car breakdown, good garage guide, and lots of other stuff.


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