Mondeo hydraulic clutch - percy
The clutch on my Mondeo ('96 last of the first style) 1.8LX is light to use from cold. When the car has become hot (ie travelled a distance) or sat cooling for a short while after a journey the clutch pedal is much stiffer in operation. Otherwise the clutch is fine. When the car cools right down clutch operation becomes light again. Is this the slave cylinder embedded in the bell housing causing a problem or should I look elsewhere? I'd appreciate your thoughts.
Re: Mondeo hydraulic clutch - abairsto
It could be the fluid getting hot but I have never heard of it before.Sounds to me as though you are in line for a new clutch and pressure plate.
Re: Mondeo hydraulic clutch - Ash Phillips
I believe a sticking mechanism not releasing properly can cause heat build up on the arm/bearing which can be transmitted to the fluid and/or cause the pivot to stiffen. Had a similar problem on one of my fathers Nissans due to an incorrectly installed release bearing. Looks like a new clutch like Andy says.
Re: Mondeo hydraulic clutch - Keith Bassett
Can't give you any practical help but my 96 Mondeo 2.0 Mark 1 had exactly the same symptom for many years or possibly from new - I can't remember. It never bothered me as the clutch was fine otherwise. I sold the car at 5 years/38000 miles with no signs of clutch wear.

I believe a clutch change on a Mondeo is £400-500 at a Ford dealer so I suggest you do the same as me and ignore it unless you get more serious symptoms.

Re: Mondeo hydraulic clutch - Bill Doodson
This is what the previous owner of my Mondeo did. I copped for the £600 bill for the new clutch (2.5 24V). No more Fords for me. Back to Bangernomics.

Mind you I did see 150 mph on the clock the other day, I wouldnt have wanted to try to turn the slightest corner at that speed, The bike is totally stable in contrast!

Re: Mondeo hydraulic clutch - percy
Many thanks for your thoughts folks. I guess I'll carry on for the time being, I'm at 43k miles now and the 'problem' has been there since I can remember. I did get the idea that there may have been a Ford recall about it but can find out nothing, apart from a mention in HJ's Car by Car breakdown.

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