Nice to see a worthwhile penalty. Not. - SjB {P}
So, we have a road safety office driving a car with two bald tyres. Whether connected with the accident or not, he then kills a motorcylist and is convicted of DWDC&A.

What does he get?
£320 fine and six points.


Nice to see a worthwhile penalty. Not. - Nash
And a speeding motorist looses his licence and or goes to prision because they MAY hurt someone. The world has gone mad, and those people that keep banging on about speeding are just making the problem worse, by diverting attention from the real problem, that people drive with little or no attention to what they are doing.

Perhaps if the police weren't so hung up on catching speeding motorists they could be out there preventing people murdering others with there vehicles.

Speed is not the problem, it just makes the result of the problems worse.


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