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Picasso - Colin
Just in case anyone is seduced by those Citroen ads on TV, in which substantial cashbacks are mentioned, the car is virtually unobtainable.

Strange marketing, isn't it, that pushes a car at vast expense then is unable to supply!
Re: Picasso - mark ansell
Seems to be quite a few advertised in the supermarket sites?
Re: Picasso - colin
I'm going by approaches to three local main dealers. One offered a metallic1.8 at only £11,950 (query the 1.6 underpowered?) but only had one in stock. Said any dealer offering choivce of colour etc was "talking porkies". Deliveryon own spec offered by others for Nov earliest.
Re: Picasso - honest john
Supplies could have run down due to the French August factory closure. But if Citroen dealers can't oblige, try the internet retailers.

Re: Picasso - colin
Have now heard that the 1.6 8 valve is to be discontinued and replaced by 16 valve (that would make sense since the 1.6 Scenic is 16 valve).Therefore perhaps Citroen is deliberately running down stocks. Maybe this is also leading to knock-on stockouts on the 1.8 16 valve.

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