Citroen Xsara HDI - weird noise - pr bunny
Please can anyone offer advice to someone with virtually no technical knowledge of cars. I have had a Xsara 2.0 HDI from new (March 02) and now have 37k on the clock. It has been serviced at the approved intervals (last one in August 03)and I am a generally not bad driver. (I have driven diesels for years and have had cars that have exceeded 100k with no engine problems) For the last month the car has started making very weird noises at low revs. It usually happens when the engine is cold and I am in first or second gear and when decelerating (declutching?)when it sounds as if the chain has come of a bike (for want of a better description) and occasionally accompanied by very high pitched squeal. In addition to this in general driving the engine feels like it has been really thrashed - and it hasn't.

Has anyone else come across a similar problem either with a Xsara or other diesel?

I am booked in to the garage on Friday for them to have a look - but would like some background information before then if possible.

Citroen Xsara HDI - weird noise - RichardW
Probably the crankshaft pulley, see:

Could also be the clutch - there were some problems reported at about 30 - 40 k with early HDi's. See HJ's Car by car breakdown.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Citroen Xsara HDI - weird noise - DL
Also see my pic in the HJ photo site......(Link below!)

Get it fixed/looked at before it possibly causes any more damage.

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Citroen Xsara HDI - weird noise - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
A neighbour recently had a very similar-sounding noise on his 205 diesel. It really did sound like something very nasty indeed, but turned out to be only the bearing in the auxiliary drive belt auto-tensioner. But, very definitely, get it investigated ASAP.

Regards, Adam
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