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Stalling Vectra - Stuart B
An aquaintance overseas with an Opel Vectra has had a stalling problem.
Dealer originally changed slow running valve plus installed a filter to stop oil getting in it but no avail.
Now he appears to have changed the oil pickup pipe problem appears cured, any thoughts?
Re: Stalling Vectra - Tim P
Best thing to do mate is not question something when it's fixed. Just accept it!
Re: Stalling Vectra - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)
Now Tim, that is just not the attitude of an inquisitive, knowledgable, authoritive motoring journalist-to-be !!

Stuart, most common problem here is carbon buld-up around the throttle butterfly area, often to the extent that the throttle position switch output is upset. Clean everything and check TPS output. Also check that the vacuum bleed from the cam cover to the inlet manifold is not blocked where it enters manifold - usually is ! Idle control valve commonly faulty, hopefully not as it has been replaced here.

Intersted to learn exactly "oil pick up" has been changed, as I can't work that one out.

Regards, Adam
Re: Stalling Vectra - Tim P
Well, I didn't honestly know why. Sure carbon build ups and stuff are a problem. But forgive me for thinking this was far more likely on the older cars, like my cavalier. Didn't really think the ecotec engines would suffer this problem to the same degree. However perhaps mileage is a good reason for this, but then the notorious rep mobiles do clock up the miles.

On a 116k XE engine (old 2.0 16v red tops) I had to have the throttle body/idle control valve cleaned once and that was not causing stalling, just fluctuating revs and the like.

The only thing I can think of that involves oil and stalling is perhaps the fact that my car has some tights, yep tights on two pipes of which the name has escaped me which prevent any stray oil entering the plenum chamber. Perhaps this is more along the right lines.

I dunno. I bow to your greater knowledge.
GM Problem page - David Lacey
How the oil pick pipe can affect idle quality is beyond me!

Re: GM Problem page - Tim P
Yes it was confusing to say the least, but not being a mechanic I could only speculate.

Knowing Vauxhalls it's pipe related or valve related.
Odd Vectra solutions - Stuart B
Yep it beat me too. I could not see the relation and wondered if there was some demon device which cut the engine if the oil pressure dropped below a certain value. I will ask further but here is his latest report.

"After the last visit to my dealer they have changed a new sump intake (I don?t know exactly the English word perhaps admission collector) They assure that it could solve both problems breaks and engine stop. At first glance the engine stop problem is over but I have not had opportunity to test breaks. What do you think about this solution?"

The comment on breaks means brakes and he has a "problem" which to me sounds just like the ABS operating though the braking is not that violent, but possibly could operate on a dusty surface.

Personally I think his leg is being lifted as I cannot see what any of this has to do with engine stalling or possible problems with brakes & ABS.
Re: Odd Vectra solutions - John Slaughter

'Admission (emission?) collector' could well be a breather pipe. What language are you translating from?


Re: Odd Vectra solutions - Stuart B
Hi John,
Spanish, but I am not doing the translating.
The comment about sump intake is Luis' own words.

I suggested he posted his questions in the forum but I guess he must not want to do that.

Maybe Luis if you read this you can answer, as I have sent the link.

Re: Odd Vectra solutions - Mark (Brazil)
or I can translate it for you, if you wish.
Re: Odd Vectra solutions - Stuart B
Thanks Mark we talk in English.
Where are you Chris Watson? - David Lacey
Stuart B wrote >Yep it beat me too. I could not see the relation and wondered if there was some demon device which cut the engine if the oil pressure dropped below a certain value.

I wonder if this is one of Chris Watsons inventions?


Re: Where are you Chris Watson? - Stuart B
Where's Chris Watson?

Trying to get the spud out of the pink Chieftan's exhaust, remember homework set by teacher (Carole Adams)

please miss he's not handed his homework in on time!

grass grass grass grass ;-D

Re: Where are you Chris Watson? - chris watson
i am trying to buy a 1978 vauxhall viva, which has been turned into the batmobile, its got massive fins on the back, and looks very weird, which is just what i like to buy :-)
Re: Where are you Chris Watson? - steve paterson
The old Bedford CF diesel vans had what they called a 'Loss - stop system'. The oil pressure switch was linked to the injector pump stop solenoid. In the event of loss of oil pressure, the pump switched itself off.
Oil level cut outs. - David Woollard
And anything Honda engined we used to have on hire...water pumps/gennys etc.

O Series Engine - David Lacey
The Austin Rover O Series engine used the engine oil pressure switch to control the electric fuel pump, cutting power to it when oil pressure dropped.
There was some sort of system (not too sure of the setup) to allow starting.

Whenever one of these engines broke down with the owner saying that it would start and then immediately stop - the culprit was always the oil pressure switch!

One of A-R's 'better' ideas methinks!



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