2nd hand Micra - Ironic_Hero
I'm considering buying a second hand Nissan Micra, the only thing that is currently causing me concern is the amount of miles the vehicle has done.

Ir's an R registered car (1998?) and has clocked up 83000 miles, is this more than a reasonable amount? Should I look for a car that has done fewer miles or, since this one seems to be okay, go with this one?
2nd hand Micra - the conductor
hi have had two of these k11 micras.
best car ive ever owned.
first one was k plate 1.0l with 90,000 on it.
only thing that had to be changed was timing chain.
45mpg easily very nippy bout 100mph flat out
fun car to drive excellent brakes.
my new one is one of the last k11`s a 1.4 twister
even better more power, pas ,electric front windows and aircon.
these cars are excellent very cheap to have serviced at main dealers and look after. nissan dealers appricate these cars are there bread and butter and understand there buyer profile.
i know this sounds cheesey but i had 14 golfs before buying these.
overall buy it you cant go wrong.
2nd hand Micra - Doc
If the price is right and the car has been properly serviced, then go for it.
Micras are very reliable.

However, they are thousands on the market so you can afford to take your time choosing.

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