Watch out for Kia - THe Growler
Some interesting and untold history. Knowing, and having worked in Korea and with Koreans I have little doubt these guys will do what they say. Interesting they've appointed a gaijin to head up their export drive and PR: the Koreans' greatest problem is English, or lack of it. I know, I have a nephew there right now earning ££££/hr teaching it.
Watch out for Kia - Rudolf
That is an interesting article. But if Kia are to be big in the UK they will need more dealers, and improved premises in some cases. This could put up overheads and prices. But the cars are OK, and they could be in the position of Toyota a few decades ago.
Watch out for Kia - No Do$h
If Kia can avoid the mistakes of Daewoo they could just reach their goal. Who says they need to sell into the UKm in big volumes to make it big globally? A suitably priced and simple to maintain car for the second-world economies will give them much higher volumes and profitabity.

The parallel with Toyota is no mistake. In the Carribean, most passenger cars seem to be white toyota corolla estates and most pickups are hi-lux or derivatives thereof. Likewise, I'm sure Growler can confirm that as bread and butter transport, the Toyota (when will they make a Realota?) brand is well represented in his neck of the woods.

There is a market for such cars in Europe, the hard part will be persuading people to buy a new Kia instead of a 2 year old Ford or Vauxhall.

Ah, Marketing. There's a word that should be picked up by the swear filter.
Watch out for Kia - THe Growler
Kia's strength in Asia is its minivans. Besta, Starex etc. And the Mazda 121 derived Pride, which sells here for about £3,500 brand new.
Watch out for Kia - king arthur
So far this year according to the SMMT, Kia has nearly doubled its UK sales over last year's.
Watch out for Kia - bafta
Quite a coincidence, Growler. I went to look at a Kia Sedona when I was in Cebu because of all the good things HJ has said about Kias. I was very impressed with the dealership in Mandaue. They obviously mean business. The RS version came fully loaded with DVD screen in the roof etc. and free tinted windows. All for under £12000 at todays rate of exchange P93/£. The sliding doors were well engineered and all in all it was a handsome and reasonably priced 7-9 seater.
Watch out for Kia - THe Growler
"Kia-The Car That Cares" as the TV commercial has it.

Anything that can go for years as a Manila taxi must be fairly well nailed together. Certainly no stigma attached to them here and they've been around as long as I can remember. The sedans look a bit weird and I would say Kia's strengths are definitely in the van/small SUV market. Dealer back-up is widespread and as you say the price is right.

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