something odd just happened... - edisdead {P}
I mistyped the honestjohn/forum url into my browser, and I was given the following error page:

Check out HJ's grin! Perhaps this is just an old version which i haven't seen before? Made me chuckle!

something odd just happened... - Hawesy1982
Wow yeah nice spot Ed, maybe you tapped into a parallel dimension or something! ;-)
something odd just happened... - edisdead {P}
Well it is friday, and it's nearly beer o'clock...
something odd just happened... - Jonathan {p}
This picture was used up until a couple of years ago when the more stern one above replaced it. I think the DT still use the grinning one in HJ's column in their motoring section. There was a thread about this, when it was changed.

something odd just happened... - Nsar
So come on HJ, which is more the real you, Mr Happy or Mr "Don't mix it me with me sonny"?
something odd just happened... - edisdead {P}
I think our illustrious leader looks a bit like Mike Brewer, in the old photo ;-)
something odd just happened... - matt35 {P}
I thought that the face changed from a smile to a frown if one of us said 'pink fluffy dice' !
something odd just happened... - Wales Forester
Frank Butcher recommends.......

something odd just happened... - Clanger
It must be an old photo, probably taken after HJ had been told he could become a dotcom millionaire by setting up his own website.

The current picture must have been taken after the awful truth dawned ...


Stranger in a strange land
something odd just happened... - Stephen
That's right.

In fact any mistyped url at this domain will give that error.

Most sites one goes to will deliver an error 404 which is webserver parlance for "I cannot find the page you requested".

Now technically speaking on all the sites we build, we break every page down into components with an inheritance type of model which allows components to be overriden at any level. It just allows us to build and maintain sites really quickly.

To do this smoothly we use the fact that non of the pages can be found via the url. The web server then trips up and goes to an error page which we make a switchboard page. This then resets the error as OK, loads all the components for that page's url and away you go. So as far as we are concerned, every page cannot be found anyway, so we have to handle the error if we cannot find the corresponding component from the url. Hence the message "component not found".

I can't say too much more as it is a really big advantage to us in developing sites - and it did take a while to work out the whole methodology and programming framework.

Stephen Khoo
something odd just happened... - Phil I
V. Interesting Stephen. Thanks for sorting the glitch on preview so promptly...

Happy Scripting Phil I

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