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Hi all,

Is there a genuinely good device to prevent a reasonably decent set of alloys being stolen? I've been led to believe a lot of these locking wheelnuts you buy from popular high street motor accessory shops are about as easy to remove as normal bolts...

Alloy wheel theft protection - doctorchris
I think locking wheelnuts are adequate protection, the problem comes when you store the "key" in the car. Thieves know where to look for it so break in and remove the wheels. It's a pain trying to remember to keep it on your person all the time.
Alloy wheel theft protection - Godfrey H {P}
I've also heard lots of anecdotes that locking wheel nuts bought from dealers etc as Dan said are as much use as a chocolate tea-pot if a "professional" thief wants your wheels.
Alloy wheel theft protection - nick
If you check out websites that sell tools for professional mechanics you'll find that it is possible to buy a tool to remove just about any locking wheelnut without damage to the wheel. It'll ruin the stud but that's easily fixed. How do you think garages remove them when Mr. Punter comes in to say he's lost his key? Unfortunately, scumbags can buy these tools as well so your lovely locking nuts will only prevent the real dimwits from running off with your alloys. Still probably worth using though.
Just remember that any locking nut is only as strong as the stud it is fastened to, in the same way a lock is only as strong as the door jamb. And you know how easy it is to break a stud.....
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I have a set of locking wheel nuts for a 1990's Volvo 240 GLE estate if anybody wants them.dont have the car anymore.
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I can't help with the solution. I walked up to a local beauty spot/vantage point yesterday and found a burned out car, complete with what must have been a very expensive set of 17in alloys. Perhaps our friends don't appreciate 'good' things.
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