Oil Leak - Fiesta 1.8d - Tony45
Went to kwik fit for an oil change today, asked him to check for an oil leak as i was getting drops on the driveway, anyway he gets it on the ramp and says i would be better off getting the leak fixed before i got my oil changed.
So off i go to the local garage he puts it on the ramp and says it looks like the petrol pump and i would be looking at £200.00 to get it sorted. he also said that oil is comming tru my altinator, it just seems a bit expensive for an oil leak..? can anybody tell me if this is about what i should be paying....the car is a fiesta 1.8d
Oil Leak - Fiesta 1.8d - elrikos
Seems very strange that oil is coming through the alternator (unless its dripping onto the top of it and seeping through) since the altenator is a bolt on component and not connected to the oil supply in any way (unless all the cars i\'ve worked on are different).
may be worth having a quick look underneath yourself and trying to locate where the oil is coming from (sometimes easier to say than to do!)

Oil Leak - Fiesta 1.8d - Tony45
yes he did say that it was dripping on it...have been advised to get it steam cleaned then bring it back...just can't understand the fuel pump thing...but suppose thats what you get when you know nowt about cars
Oil Leak - Fiesta 1.8d - Tony45
Could that have been the fuel filter and not the pump....?
Oil Leak - Fiesta 1.8d - elrikos
seems very strange. think your engine is the same as mine (i have an escort 1.8 td) gimme a few minuites and i'll have a hunt through the haynes manual and see whats what
Oil Leak - Fiesta 1.8d - Tony45
Anyone else out there that can advise i would be most gratefull
Oil Leak - Fiesta 1.8d - DL
The alternator is directly below the fuel injection pump on the Ford 1.8 - it wouldn't be good to have diesel fuel dripping onto/into it.

The FIP leak could be simply a loose connection of split hose or it could be a leaking stop solenoid. On the other hand, it could be a collapsed front bearing! £££££....

Run the engine and see if you can see any leaks - be careful of rotating belts and pullies, mind!

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