Number plate - steve paterson
Anyone know the whereabouts of NUO 5 ? Used to belong to a Daf 55 in the 70's
Re: Number plate - David
Re: Number plate - steve paterson
Sorry, should be 5 NUO Any luck there?
Re: Number plate - chris watson
the dvla can tell you if the car is still around with that number plate, i tried with my old austin A35, but the registration is now on a mondeo.
Re: Number plate - Ian Aspinall
According to Elephant Insurance's database, 5 NUO is now on a 1986 Ford Granada 2.8 Scorpio Auto.
Re: Number plate - David Woollard
I thought only the current registered keeper was allowed to enquire on a reg no. Is the DVLA info on-line?

Does Elephant Insurance have this facility on-line or is it through a contact Ian?

Re: Number plate - Ian Aspinall

It's online at You go through the motions of requesting an online quote, and when you input the reg no, it tells you the make, model and year of the vehicle if it exists. No details of the keeper are available.

I don't know where they get the info from, but my guess is the insurance companies pool their data rather than being allowed to link into the DVLA database. I haven't checked many numbers using it, but it's been totally accurate for the ones I have tried.

Re: Number plate - David Woollard
Thanks Ian.

Re: Number plate - steve paterson
Thanks Ian, as a matter of interest (or not), this number was registered to a convicted double murderer - he did both parents in. He fled from the scene of the crime in his Daf 55 which broke down. To cut a long story short, He phoned the local Daf dealer and I attended the breakdown. Shortly afterwards the police impounded the car. I have often wondered what happened to the Reg No.
Re Getaway Car - Mark
A Daf 55 as a getaway car,

he must of fancied spending time in a very small room with bars on the window.

as ever


(Sorry Steve I could'nt resist it)

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