Omega Auto Trans Problem - Taters
I have a Vx Omega 2.5 V6 with an auto box.

I have the following problem where if I drive in sports mode I get a gearbox fault code flash up when the box should change up and doesn't. Vx say a code 41( Hydraulic fault) is stored.

Prior to me having the car it has had a recon unit within the last 6 mths.

Today I looked at the Transmission ID plate and found the following the AR25(gearbox type) Transmission Code is DG, Part No 96018044, A44(?), ---(?) and serial no or 5923718.

I have a copy of a VX tech & parts disc and it would seem that the gearbox fitted should only be fitted with the 2.0 engines.
The transmission code for the 2.5 V6 is BD.The part number relates to a 2.0 replacement box.

Is it normal for the 2.0 gearbox to be fitted to the 2.5 V6 when recon? What does the transmission code actually relate to and can this be changed when recon to a different code?. And lastly would the combination of this box and the correct transmission ECU cause the described fault?

Many thanks.
Omega Auto Trans Problem - Aprilia
The gearbox must be matched to the engine characteristics - obviously the 2.0 and 2.6 have very different torque and power curves. Whilst the geartrain itself is likely to be the same, the valve bodies and ECU's will be different. The torque convertors will also be different.

I suspect you will have to go to a Vx dealer and present them with the engine and transmission codes to see if they are right for each other.

There have been many variants of the AR25 'box. It was used years ago on the Senators - there's no telling what you've got on your car.

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