Subaru B9 Scrambler (concept) - BaseRSXmanual

I love it so much already I am speechless! Who cares what engine is under that hood (bonnet?)?!
Subaru B9 Scrambler (concept) - Pugugly {P}
Cool I;d have one - the motor would be superb (no doubt)
Subaru B9 Scrambler (concept) - steveb
I believe this car is featured in Autocar this week.
Subaru B9 Scrambler (concept) - Stargazer {P}
Lovely looking car, doesnt matter about the engine...any of the current ones would shift a small light car with no effort at all, hope it is still AWD though.

Ian L.
Subaru B9 Scrambler (concept) - BaseRSXmanual
Yeah, I am sure it will be AWD. Subaru has come to stand for AWD and I don't think they sell a single car that is not. At least not here in North America.
Subaru B9 Scrambler (concept) - John R @ Work {P}
Wot! no gold coloured alloys? not a proper 'u r a buS' without them...
John R


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