Final Car - ndbw
Am downsizing from a 2-0ltr Vectra to a 1-6ltr Astra (yes I know the general opinions on Vauxhall but I have a first class local agent and a good rapport with their staff.)I have chosen the Club model it has no ABS to go wrong green tinted glass(it stands on drive so I dont want the trim fading)I have chosen the no cost option of an alectric sun roof in place of the standard Air/Con,and finally it has the same radio as in the Vectra ie takes tapes of which I have plenty instead of CDs.

I am the octogenarian from how old are you and feel I will be leaving my wife a car with less expensive things to go wrong but adequate for the purpose.

What does the forum think?

Final Car - No Do$h
Not a Vauxhall fan, but that isn't the point of your enquiry. I would add that I applaude your pragmatism and your desire to help your wife in this way, but again, not the point of your question.

I think you've done everything right.
1) You have a local agent that you trust
2) You have opted for a specification that represents low-maintenance.
3) You have ensured that your needs (rather than aspirations) are your first priority.

After my father passed away, my mother went for a highly reliable Nissan. Sadly, the dealer service has been appalling. My mother (and I) would have been a lot happier with a car that may not represent the heights of the JD Power survey but where you can rely on and trust the dealer.

A fine choice, sir.
Final Car - Vansboy
Sounds sensible to me, too.

But check out the up-dated spec of cars coming into showrooms, just now. They are making a few changes, so if the one you've got your eye on is old/existing model, maybee space for a bit more negotiation on the £$£$£, for you ?

Trusting you've many miles of motoring ahead of you!!

Final Car - John Boy
I own a current model Astra and I can't help noticing how infrequently this car features in the Technical Matters forum (can't say the same about Vectras and Omegas though). I see an awful lot ot them on the road, so it must be because they don't often go wrong. I'm pleased with mine - ex-lease car, bought at 13k miles and now at 42k. Best mpg 49, worst 27.6, average 40.6. I've had it serviced by Vauxhall as per their specs and additional costs so far are 2 tyres, 2 stoplamp bulbs, 1 headlamp bulb, 1 wiper blade, and the last exhaust section. All of my passengers have remarked on how comfortable it is. The dealers do vary, though, but, in my experience, you can learn a lot by observing the demeanour of the people who're doing the real work. If they don't look as if they're enjoying it, they won't be doing it well. There's an awful lot of rubbish talked about cars. They're just a way of getting from A to B quickly, cheaply, comfortably and safely. Astras do that well. Make sure you read my current post on Car Keys.

Final Car - L'escargot
I have chosen the no cost option of an
electric sun roof in place of the standard Air/Con.

I would keep the aircon, and see whether I could get the salesman to throw in a sunroof for free ~ if this is an option.
L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
Final Car - Jono_99
Appluad the whole decision making process.

Only concern I have of the Astra, having had one as a hire car for a week, is the comfort of the seat. Compared to other Vauxhalls, I found it very uncomfortable, and could not get a good driving position. I am not 'unusual' in size at 6'1" and 13 stone, but it just did not work for me.

If you can - borrow one for a long day trip / weekend.

All the best, and I hope you enjoy it for many more years

Final Car - Dude - {P}
ndbw. Whilst an Astra would certainly not be my first choice of vehicle, I think you have come to your final choice for all the right reasons.

The main one being that you have a good, competent local garage that you trust, - and these are unfortunately becoming as rare as hens teeth.!!!

Whatever your final choice, and as the winner of the accolade for the oldest member of the B.R., I wish you many years of trouble free motoring.

Final Car - doctorchris
Maybe you should try the Citroen C5 mentioned in another thread for your "final car"!
Final Car - Dan J
ndbw - Another nice aspect of the 1.6 8v engine fitted to this Astra is that, unlike most of the other junk GM insist on producing, it's an extremely reliable and (with frequent servicing) almost indestructible.

Whatever you do though, do NOT get the car serviced only every 20,000 miles as Vauxhall recommends as all that'll serve to do is leave you with a load of significant problems once the warranty has expired.
Final Car - eMBe {P}
ndbw: I presume you have not yet placed the order, although from reading your note it would seem that you already have.

If you have, fine stick by it. Good choice and wise decision.

If not, like Escargot, I would personally opt for the air conditioning rather then the sunroof. You *can*, and im my opinion, you *should*, use air-conditioning all year round.
Final Car - ndbw
Thanks for the feed back on this,to reply to the Air/con advice,ie to keep there are now in service reception areas notices with varying levels of Air/con servicing the cheapest being £99 including regassing it was this I was looking to avoid,remember I will not be interested in the resale value,and I am sure my wife will not worry about it all her journeys will be short ie 10 miles or so and local

Thanks for the feed back

Final Car - Chad.R

You've obviously thought about this and I certainly can't fault your decision.

However, I'm puzzled why don't you want ABS? - there's is no mention in the CBC that the Vx system used in the Astra is problematic and in general most ABS systems are very reliable.

Happy motoring.

Final Car - peterb
Agree with Chad re ABS - it's not normally a big problem.

More importantly, ABS once saved me from a nasty collision (because of the ABS, I was able to brake and steer at the same time).

Enjoy the car.
Final Car - ndbw
Hi Chad.R
Re your reply on 22oct I chose the Club model without ABS as I was unlucky enough to need a new ABS pump after six years,very expensive even though Vauxhall considerably reduced the £1000 price thats why I thought that after driving since 1942 without it,and never having actuated it in the seven years of driving the Vectra I would pass on it,the reason for this post is that I have just found out that all Astras ordered after 01-10-03 get ABS as a no cost extra hope I have better luck this time,at least I will get the advantage of straight braking where the wheels have varying degrees of grip.


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