Tax & Insurance not in order - Phil I
Better watch out around Dudley!!

Had to be a Nova of course.

Happy Motoring Phil I
Tax & Insurance not in order - martint123
Is it worth it??
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Tax & Insurance not in order - Phil I
Had forgotten recent change of policy by Express & Star. Sorry you were disappointed. Summarized :report is on mobile crusher in action on one of the car Parks at Merry Hill retail park being used to crush untaxed vehicles which have been confiscated by local authority.
Tax & Insurance not in order - martint123
Ah, thats wonderous - the more publicity the better.

I'm wary of registering on all the newpaper sites - I'm attempting to get junk mail down to manageable proportions.

Tax & Insurance not in order - Sooty Tailpipes
Easy come, easy go, many of these people drive cars which are not registered, they paid pink fluffy dice all if anything for them, they don\'t give a shoot about them being crushed, their mate will get them a new one in a day or so. I know a lot about this scum who lives above the law, and is rewarded by the state with a free hosue huge benefit handouts and legal representation, for they are \"the most vulnerable members of society\"

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