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As a long-time advocate of Shell Optimax I was keen to try BP's new premium unleaded fuel. In case anyone's interested, I have now done three full tanks of it and the results look extremely good (summarised below). I happen to think that the car *does* run smoother with the higher octane fuel but that is subject enough to be meaningless. The figures however, speak for themselves. Average fuel economy over three tanks each:

Regular Shell Unleaded (95 RON): 33.8mpg
Shell Optimax (98 RON): 37.1mpg
BP Ultimate (98? RON): 40.1mpg

Has anyone else had similar or differing experience with Ultimate? I Know that some of you don't get increased mpg with higher octane fuels, I assume this is due to the type of engine. For the record, mine is 2ltr 16v X20XEV (Vectra).
BP Ultimate - Durelli
BP Ultimate also has a high octane Diesal.

Has anyone used this? Any comments?


Durelli - son of a famous Italian tyre maker
BP Ultimate - Sooty Tailpipes
I have tried the diesel (which isn't high Octane)
It's better than most supermarket diesel, in that its a bit smoother and more responsive, I normally run off a mixture of rapeseed oil and white spirit, and I'll be sticking to that, the difference is miniscule. It also smells a bit different, almosta hint of citrus.
BP Ultimate - paulb {P}
BP Ultimate also has a high octane Diesal.
Has anyone used this? Any comments?

Just tried it in my Punto Multijet- what can I say? It does exactly what it says on the, um, posters and stuff. Engine noticeably smoother (not that it was exactly rough before, mind you) and trip mpg reading about 10 mpg higher (= 4 or 5 mpg in reality). Makes it worth the extra 3p or so per litre IMHO. Good work, BP.


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