Vauxall cam belts - kal
Does any body have any idea of the durability of the latest generation cambelts fited to the vectra 2003 model and the forthcoming astra. Previous versions of the astra/vectra required changes every 40,000 down from 80,0000.

Vauxall cam belts - Bilgewater
Buy a 2.2L they use a chain. Much better than those horrible belts.
Vauxall cam belts - kal
yes but is the 2.2 heavy on gas as compared to 1.8, and how durable is the chain?
Vauxall cam belts - Dynamic Dave
Vaux still recommend a change at 40,000 miles or 4 yrs on current models, AFAIA. I have a 2.2 Vectra auto and read somewhere that the chain should be changed at 100,000 miles. As for fuel consumption it is better than my old 2.0 litre Cavalier auto was by around 4 mpg. ie, I get on average 28mpg on urban use.

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