snapped key in ignition clio rt - leeboy
any ideas how to get a snapped key out of ignition barrell on clio rt
snapped key in ignition clio rt - Cliff Pope
If it is not tight in the slot, but only broke when you tried to turn it, you could try a drop of superglue to mend it in situ.
Any possibility with fine tweezers, or those spikey pliers that dentists use?
snapped key in ignition clio rt - Armitage Shanks{P}
Years ago this used to be a dodgle to stop people stealing you car! If you can still start the car with the stub of the key and can get another key for the doors/hatch/petrol filler why not leave it as it is? If you can get the broken but out, great, but a full cure might be very costly. If you go the superglue route be very careful! I would have thought the chances of bunging the whole works up while putting glue in on the end of the broken key might be very high but good luck whatever you do!
snapped key in ignition clio rt - David Horn
Not strictly to do with cars but if I were you I'd be very careful going for the superglue method! I tried a similar technique to get a broken headset jack out of my new (And very expensive) mobile phone. Ended up gluing the whole thing together... inside the phone where it promptly wouldn't come out at all.

Had to "accidentally" drop it and use Orange Care. I still feel guilty to this day....
snapped key in ignition clio rt - Robin the Technician
The method of using a dab of superglue on the end does work well- as long as no-one has tried to use a new key in the lock after the initial breakage. This will force the broken piece further into the lock preventing you attaching the broken key to it. As its been mentioned, don't overdo it and you may well get away with it. Failing this, you can get the lock removed and take it to a local locksmith. They generally charge about £30 to strip, rebuild and supply a new key. Probably cheaper than a new lock.

These are the views of Robin the Technician with 35 years in the trade. I fix, therefore I am...
snapped key in ignition clio rt - stefaldo
cheers boys that worked. BUT now i put the spare key in the ignition the key dosnt go all the way in. There is nothing inside the ignition as i have removed the snapped key remains out. NOW, sometimes i can get the key all the way in but the key wont turn or either will the barrel i have tried everything. cleanin it, got a spare key cut, etc. i am not sure that wen i have put the superglue in i have atcually glued up the barrel and maybe thats why its not turning. Any suggetions...... i have had a quote from a renault dealer for a new ignition, and its £110.00 for a new one with keys, but i dont want to spend that much if the barrel is just glued and only needs cleanin..... please get back to me as i am in desperate need. cheers. anything is helpfull.
snapped key in ignition clio rt - Dynamic Dave
Hold the spare key up against the broken off one and compare them to see if they're identical. You could also try a squirt of WD-40 in the key hole.

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