Mondeo TDCI - Steve E
I have an '03 Mondeo TDCI 130PS and within the first 300 miles I noticed a hesitation at around 1800-2000rpm on light throttle.

A search on 'TDCI' has put me on this site where I read that many others with this model were experiencing similar if not worse problems.

I decided to book my mondeo into a main dealer so that they could sort out this slight hesitation.

Two days before the car was due in, and with 4000miles covered, the engine refused to start on the first turn of the key. The engine would only start on 3-4 attempts of turning the engine over although when it did start, things felt perfectly normal.

This starting situation doesn't improve on each starting attempt since. I take the car to the main ford dealer and tell them the problems. I collect the car at the end of the day being told everything is fixed and the car would still not start, even outside the dealership!!

I go back into the service reception and a technician comes out to see for himself that the car doesn't fire up on the trun of the key. He said it seemed like a fuel supply problem and that they would want it back for another days worth of testing.

There doesn't seem to be any posts on this site that give a solution to this problem and it sounds like ford still don't know what causes it.

Apart from this problem, the car runs superbly with in excess of 45mpg combined driving.

Mondeo TDCI - googolplex
I think you're right about Ford not having a clue and, what is even more irritating is that main dealers try and pretend you're the first person who has ever complained of these things despite plenty of service bulletins to the contrary. Have you been to the Mondeo enthusiasts website because there are further threads on these issues.

Having read plenty of the threads on both sites some areas for consideration emerge:
Regarding the misfire, Kurnal found that the fuel filter upgrade made a big difference (although it didn't completely solve it). So the question for you is whether or not you already have the upgraded fuel filter. If not you're most likely to have to wait till the service for them to upgrade because Ford are too stingy to do a recall. But it could make a difference - a warning though, mine has just been in for its first service and I checked on collection whether the fuel filter had been upgraded and the chap turned over the card and found the upgrade notification and said "Ah yes, it should have been done - you'll have to wait to the next service now..." I don't have the misfire problem so I guess I'll have to wait...
Regarding the starting problem, I have a bit of personal experience of this: the first solution by Ford is to upgrade the software but this made absolutely no difference in my case. My starting problem still exists but its so occasional its hardly worth bothering about. I can go well over a month without a problem and then get 2 or 3 starting issues in a row. Then it disappears again. I've recently changed garages (only because I work in a different town now) and the new garage is now doing battle with it. And the first thing they tried? You guessed it - upgrading the software (despite this having already been done). But, as I say it happens so rarely its nothing more than a very minor irritation and I consider my car to be excellent and very reliable.
Good luck!
Mondeo TDCI - Steve E
Thanks for your comments Splodgeface.

The slight misfire I had was also nearly not worth bothering about as I could live with it.

I had just about decided during midweek that I would cancel the visit to the main dealer, until this starting problem just came from nowhere!

Ford did upgrade the software and confirmed that the immobiliser was not connected with the starting problem. I asked them about the fuel filter upgrade and was told that my car was manufactured 12/02 and should have the upgraded one fitted already.

I was clever by dropping my car in at 7am and leaving the keys with a service technician who said they were have a number of problems with the TDCI engine although these were mainly a result of fuel pumps. On speaking with the service reception, they said it was very rare for a TDCI to come in under a warranty issue. I suppose they been told to maintain customer confidence.

I have a theory on this issue though. I know that a diesel engine will not start if you change the fuel filter without filling the fuel filter with diesel first. Could this be a simple blockage in the fuel filter reducing the fuel pressure running through?

The car feels a bit loose since the software upgrade although its running very smooth. The handling is also superb.Really happy so far so and the dealer did say to bring it back because they would also like to know the problem so I've go no qualms with them.

Mondeo TDCI - DL
These modern day diesels - so complicated nowadays!

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Mondeo TDCI - kurnal
Hiya Steve and Splodgeface
Sorry to hear of your problems Steve.
My tdc1 130 has done 18500 miles now and loosening up nicely. The 1500 rpm and 1800-2000rpm misfire have come back again - still not as persistent as they were before the filter upgrade but as the warranty runs out next month am taking it in for two days and they have promised to do a full recalibration of each injector and a further software upgrade. If it is a new software version I will let you know.
I also have had a problem once with the car failing to start- this was on a warm engine and the odometer display was just a series of dots. After sending the family home in a taxi and calling the RAC the fault suddenly cleared and has never recurred. I have been told of a TSB and upgrade for the fuel pressure sensor connector which has been known to create the faults you describe.
Fuel economy took a great improvement at about 14000 miles and I now get 44-46mpg in mixed driving. Absolutely delighted with this. Have been told to expect a further marked improvement about 40k miles ( thanks thou a week). Its still fussy on fuel though- took advantage of one of the supermarkets fuel promotions last week and have been regretting it- no power below 1800 rpm and loads of black smoke on accelerating from this rpm, no smoke if I keep the revs up.
Finally changed the tyres a couple of weeks ago. Had Pirelli P6000s fitted to replace the bridgestones which were worn out. What a difference in feel and grip! It corners like its on rails! Cant see these lasting 18000miles though!!
Mondeo TDCI - Steve E
Hi Kurnal,

Since my software upgrade, the hesitation has gone completely and the car feels silky smooth. I don't know what software they have uploaded but ford say that they receive an upgrade disk every 3 months or so.

I think I notice a little more black from the exhaust under acceleration although this clears after running the revs to 4000rpm and I use normal quality diesel.

As for my starting problem, I've done some tests to see if I can find what might be causing the problem.

1. Changed keys incase the immobiliser was the problem. This had no effect.

2. Depressed accelerator continuously while turning engine over when it wouldn't fire up. The did nothing and the car still started normally after the third attempt with no signs of extra fuel being in the system.

3. When the engine fires up on the first attempt, the key only needs to be turned for less than a second. When the engine hasn't fired up on the first attempt, I have tried turning the key for each subsequent attempt for the same amount of time. (ie. no need to continuously turn the engine over). The car still fires normally on the third attempt regardless of how long the engine is turned over on attempts 1 & 2.

Hope this makes sense, but I think the problem is electronic and not mechanical.


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