Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - terryb
A guy at the office here has brought his Blackbird over from Oz and is trying to get it road-legal for the UK. One problem he's got is the speedo, which is only calibrated in Km/h. It seems a garage is quoting him £500 to change to a MPH speedo. Apparently there's no calibartion test so he's tempted to open it up and paint an M over the Km!

Anyone know a more economical (and legal) way of changing the speedo?

Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - Marcos{P}
My freinds imported 400 has had no adjustment to the speedo at all. It just reads in kph and he has learnt to adjust.
Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - Reggie
If he's looking at new, he could try Dave Silver (Honda) Spares.
Look at this page and you will see a new speedo is £130.00, plus fitting of course.
Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - Stargazer {P}
Marcos, when was it imported? About 1998 all personal imports require SVA test which tests for speedo reading in Mph. This can be done in software plus a sticker over the Km/h for some cars. I looked into it when considering bringing a car into the UK from Oz. There are companies providing SVA testing and conversion.

Ian L.
Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - dilbert
My preferred option would be that we join the rest of the non-American universe and adopt metric measurement on our road signs. A slightly more expensive option, I concede ;-)

More seriously, I'm sure I've seen in one of the motorcycle accessory company catalogues both electronic and mechanical converters that you can fit to solve exactly this kind of problem. Also, it's not unusual to see 'imported' bikes simply with mph stickers on the original km/h speedo. I don't think that a new speedo is strictly necessary.
Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - Reggie
bove link doen't seem to work.
Therefore go to
then click genuine spares, then click on CBR1100 Blackbird, and the speedometer is listed. I hope!
Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - martint123
Is an inline speed convertor for many different bikes. 60 quid.
A legal alternative is to install one of those Sigma bicycle computers - for some reason they are good to 200mph. Kit cars seem to use them ok to get through the SVA.
Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - Dogbreath
What is the Blackbird like to live with?
Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - Dwight Van Driver
English law demands that the speedometer has to indicate speed in both mph and kph either simultaneously or by the flick of a switch seperately. Could be a thousand notes if pulled.

No exemption for imports.

In my younger days there used to be a thriving industry in repairs to Smith's Speedo's. Surely there must a new face available?

Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - DL
I've seen stickers on imported speedos indicating 30,50,70 & 90mph ... legal or not? I dunno!

Why not visit
Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - Vansboy
You could have a word with Nick at
He has a lot to do with Police/MoD Hondas, so could probably put you in the right direction.

Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - pastyman
There is a company called Motrax in uk that sells inline adaptors for kmh to mph, the dealer i used to use when i had a bike (1200 Bandit) is,

90 Whitmore way,

01268 521822

Hope this helps.

Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - terryb
Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll pass them on and let you know what he does

Honda CBR1100 Blackbird - terryb
As promised, an update. Seems he took the speedo apart (well, dropped the guts and the dial out the bbottom after removing the fairing) and changed the "Km" to "M" and it passed all the certification checks!

So it seems no calibration check is carried out. And he got an MOT before doing the change.

funny old world.....


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